Sermons in a Sentence (Paperback)

Powerful Messages in Five Words or Less

by John Bytheway


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When you mark your scriptures, have you noticed that you often highlight only a phrase within a verse, or maybe just a word or two, or even a single word? Pondering these individual phrases can open your mind and heart to new thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

It has been said that the very best sermons have a great beginning, a great ending, and very little in between. The scriptures are rich with "Sermons in a Sentence," single phrases that communicate gospel truths with power. In this little book, John Bytheway explores forty-six such sermons, brilliant little gems mined from the priceless pages of the standard works.

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  • Size:  4 x 6
  • Pages:  101
  • Published:  10/2012

About the Author

John Bytheway is an instructor at the Brigham Young University Salt Lake Center. He served his mission in the Philippines and earned a master’s degree in Religious Education at BYU. He has published dozens of books and audio programs and lives in Salt Lake City with his wife, Kimberly, and their six children.


by  Shauna  -   reviewed on  September 27, 2012

The sub-title for this book is: Powerful Messages in Five Words or Less~ And that is exactly what this book is! On the left-hand page you read a scripture that has one word to one phrase highlighted...just like your personal scriptures might have. On the right-hand page you read a commentary of that word or phrase. Powerful...YES Insightful...YES Amazing...YES John Bytheway has a wonderful way of teaching the scriptures and showing us how powerful they can be in our lives and in our teachings.

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