Stand By My Servant Joseph: Story of the Joseph Knight Family (Paperback)

by William G. Hartley


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In Nauvoo, the Prophet Joseph Smith reflected on the course of the Restoration and paid tribute to Joseph Knight's family, who had stood by him loyally. “They are my friends,” he wrote. Regarded by many as the “second family of the Restoration,” the Knight family participated in many of the events of the early Church. Joseph Smith used Brother Knight's wagon to retrieve the plates from the hill Cumorah, and the family was in the first group the Prophet sent to settle Jackson County, Missouri. The Knights endured and stayed faithful throughout their many trials and moved west with the Saints to settle the Salt Lake Valley. William G. Hartley, a highly regarded historian, has carefully researched a multitude of sources and woven a story that is both readable and reliable. This book illustrates the faithfulness of the Joseph Knight family and bears stirring testimony of the prophetic calling of Joseph Smith.

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  • Published:  November 2003
  • Pages:  590

About the Author

WILLIAM G. HARTLEY is an emeritus associate professor of history at Brigham Young University.


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