Be Still (Paperback)

Using Principles of the Gospel to Lower Anxiety

by G. Sheldon Martin


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Product Description

Do you fear you’re never good enough? Many of us feel worthless, useless, or frustrated with ourselves, even when we’re doing everything we’re supposed to do. Yet the source of the trouble is not our outward behavior but our inward thoughts. With clear and encouraging insight, this guide shows how we can calm much of our anxiety by changing our troubled thought patterns with a process based on gospel principles. The frame-work is simple yet powerful: when we turn our thoughts to the Savior, we are able to modify our distorted thinking and access real truth, where there is no worry or fear — only peace through the grace of Him who can save us all.

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  • Size:  6" x 9"
  • Pages:  87
  • Published:  01/2013

About the Author

G. Sheldon Martin is a seminary teacher and a licenses mental health counselor. He grew up in Palmdale, California; attended Ricks College and BYU; and served a mission to Paris, France. He is a favorite speaker at Education Week, EFY, Best of EFY, and at youth conferences around the country. With a master’s degree in mental health counseling, he specializes in the areas of parenting, marriage, anxiety, depression, pornography addiction, and struggling teens. He and his wife, Nicole, are the parents of five children. He is currently serving as bishop of his ward.

I loved this book.

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  February 14, 2013

Sheldon Martin does an amazing job of identifying everyday struggles and how to approach these struggles with a clear mind. This book is a must read. It is easy to read, and would be great for anyone not just those with anxious feelings.

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