The Story of Jesus (Hardcover)

by Eliza R. Snow


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From Christ's birth and ministry to His crucifixion and even His appearance to the Nephites, Eliza R. Snow, one of the great early sisters of the LDS church, teaches of Christ in such a way that children, as well as adults can understand the simple truths that truly testify that He is the Son of God and our Savior.

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  • Size:  6" x 6"
  • Pages:  144
  • Published:  October 2011

About the Author

Eliza Roxcy Snow, born January 21, 1804, was one of the most prominent women in the early days of the LDS Church. She was hired to teach the Prophet Joseph Smith?s children and through time became well acquainted with him.

Eliza was the first secretary of the LDS Women?s Relief Society. She was well known for her poetry, many of which became songs for the LDS Hymn book. They called her Zion?s Poetess. She died December 5, 1887.


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