Stripling Warrior and Warriorette Workout (Paperback)

by Shane Barker


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“Shane Barker's workout book will help any young person develop spiritual muscles and become more valiant.” — John Bytheway, author of Righteous Warriors: Lessons from the War Chapters in the Book of Mormon

"I'm sure that Helaman gave his young warriors drills that honed and sharpened their fighting skills. But I believe they had spiritual workouts, too. I believe they had activities and exercises that built their spiritual muscles so that they were ready when God needed them most."

Using engaging and timely stories along with insights from latter-day prophets, author Shane Barker encourages today's teenagers to be spiritually prepared, to become valiant Latter-day Saints who are ready to stand up for what's right.

About the Author

Shane Barker’s understanding of young people comes from his extensive experience as a professional Scout and as a junior high math teacher. He has served on the faculty of the National Camping School and has conducted outdoor leadership courses, wilderness survival courses, and rock-climbing courses. A graduate of Brigham Young University, he served a mission to Japan, and now resides in Orem, Utah.


by  Cassandra  -   reviewed on  November 21, 2008

I bought this book because I seen that John Bytheway liked it. I was not disappointed. Each chapter can be read by itself, has a point to be made with a story and challenges. My 14-year-old daughter even read it more than once so it definitely earns five stars for engaging a teenager!

Awesome Book for youth

by  Becky  -   reviewed on  October 25, 2008

This book is a great one for any youth. It has awesome, motivating spiritual workouts!


by  RaeElla  -   reviewed on  March 23, 2009

I absolutely loved this book. I would like to invite Shane Barker to speak at our girls camp this summer. How do I get in touch with Brother Barker?

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