Sunday Savers Singing Fun!: I Am a Child of God (Paperback)

by Mary H. Ross, Jennette Guymon-King


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Product Description

The bestselling creators of Sunday Savers (previously Primary Partners) have combined their talents to produce exceptional resources for presenting the 2013 theme, "I am a Child of God." Teachers, leaders of children, and parents will find an abundance of simple, creative, and memorable presentations that expand on monthly themes and children will enjoy fun games, unique activities, and exciting visual aids that help them learn while they're having fun.

About the Authors

Mary Ross is an energetic mother who loves to help children and young women have a good time while they learn. Mary and her husband, Paul, and their daughter live in Sandy, Utah.

A disappointment

by  Candice  -   reviewed on  August 18, 2013

I was impressed with the Sunday Saver book for Sunbeams so I bought this one when I was called as music leader. Unfortunately it's a big disappointment. There are simply black and white pictures (printed on cheap paper on both sides of the pages) for the songs for the year. No clever ideas or games. Save your money and find ideas on the internet!

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