The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball (Paperback)

by Edward L. Kimball


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A member of the Quorum of the Twelve for thirty years and Church President for almost twelve years, Spencer W. Kimball influenced millions of Church members throughout his ministry. He observed, “I do not claim to be a scholar. In all my sermons, my objective is to get people doing things, the good things, and the right things. Knowledge is of no value unless used.”

President Kimball's sermons and writings showed men and women how to follow the Lord's commandments. The quotations in this book have been selected from seven hundred sources — books, articles, letters, and sermons delivered in many settings. They provide instruction and inspiration on a wide range of gospel topics, including recurring themes about our dependency on the Savior, our responsibility to keep his commandments, our need to pursue perfection by “lengthening our stride,” and our hope of a marvelous joy now and in eternity. This timeless book is an indispensable resource for every Latter-day Saint home.

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  • Paperback Published:  January 2003
  • Pages:  688

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