Tennis Shoes Adventure Series, Vol. 7: The Golden Crown (Paperback)

by Chris Heimerdinger


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For Harry and Meagan, a Homeward Journey is about to Begin. . .But Something Goes Terribly Wrong . . .

Hang on to your seats as the heart-pounding adventure of Harry Hawkins and Meagan Sorenson in the land of Jerusalem and the world of the Romans races toward its thrilling conclusion.

In a nightmarish twist of events, Harry finds himself in the midst of unforeseen enemies who seek to separate him from all he holds dear. To make matters worse, Garth Plimpton and Meagan are forced to make choices that could leave Harry permanently lost in time.

Harry's father and Meagan's mother enter the fray to save their families, while Harry knows that to survive he must somehow reach a land where resides a true apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. We're all on a golden journey, Harry comes to learn, inspired by golden dreams, and at the end awaits a golden crown of righteousness.

Reenter the reeling world of the first century A.D. in this, the seventh volume in the celebrated Tennis Shoes Adventure Series.

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  • Audio Length:  6 Hours
  • Book on CD:  Abridged

About the Author

CHRIS HEIMERDINGER is the writer/director of the movie Passage to Zarahemla and the songwriter/producer of the album Whispered Visions. However, he is the best known as the author of the popular Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites Adventure series as well as Passage to Zarahemla. Chris has imagined a tale that bridges modern times with the world of The Book of Mormon. He has published a novel sequel to Passage entitled Escape From Zarahemla which ties together the Zarahemla world with the Tennis Shoes world in a unique and fascinating way. He has also recently published Muckwhip’s Guide to Capturing the Latter-day Soul — a modern satire featuring a fictional devil named Muckwhip striving to “bring down” one specific member of the LDS faith. Chris is the father of five children and five step children. His second oldest son, Ammon, is currently serving a mission in Columbia, South America. The joys of Chris’s life are his children and his eternal companion, Emily.

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by  Nanette  -   reviewed on  September 23, 2008

Every book just makes you want more.

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by  Nanette  -   reviewed on  September 23, 2008

After my brothers and sisters and I started reading these, we told our father about them. He started reading them, and he really enjoys them too. And he's in his 70s.

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