The Walk, Book 3: The Road to Grace (Hardcover)

by Richard Paul Evans


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Reeling from the sudden loss of his wife, his home, and his business, Alan Christofferson, a once successful advertising executive, has left everything he knew behind and set off on an extraordinary cross-country journey. Carrying only a backpack, he plans to walk to Key West, the farthest destination on his map.

Now nearly halfway through his trek, The Road to Grace takes him from South Dakota to Memphis, Tennessee. Alan covers more than 800 miles on foot, but it’s the people he meets along the way who give the journey its true meaning.

Full of wisdom and hard-won truth, this is a moving standalone story as well as the continuation of the unforgettable series about hope, healing, and the meaning of life.

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  • Pages:  272
  • Released:  05/2012
  • Book on CD:  Unabridged
  • Running Time:  Approx. 300 minutes

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