I Walk By Faith (5x7 Print) (Print)

by Judy Cooley


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About the Author

Judy Cooley is an award-winning artist and the bestselling author and illustrator of I Love You More and Mom Says I can. About I Want to Be a Mommy, Judy says, “This book started it all for me. My mom told me that I could be anything I wanted to be.” Judy’s most fervent wish as an adult was to be a grandma, and that wish has come true.

Judy’s favorite titles are wife, mom, and Dewey (her grandson’s name for her). She’s also known as ski buddy, college-care-package distributor, cook, and cycle and yoga instructor, but she make a living as a fine artist.

You can see Judy’s artwork in various galleries and gift stores and on her website, judycooley.com. You can also follow her at JudyCooley.blogspot.com


by  Customer  -   reviewed on  September 02, 2012

Fine print that displays the lovely lighting. My only wish is that this came smaller and less expensive so I could afford to give them as handouts in Relief Society.

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