We Believe: Doctrines and Principles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Hardcover 2 Volume Set w/ CD-ROM)

by Rulon T. Burton (Editor), Carlos Packard (Editor)


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This is a great reference book when looking for information regarding doctrines and principles of the Church. Organized alphabetically by topic and covers topics from A to Z this book is a wonderful reference for lessons, talks and much more.

Softcover 2 Volume Set w/CD-ROM: This 1525-page 2-volume set contains 902 gospel doctrines that have been backed and defined solely by scripture and Latter-day Prophets AND only from sources that the Church declares to be a doctrinal source.

It is especially useful for teachers and speakers; but it also clarifies for the inquisitive what the LDS (Mormon) church believes. The book is organized alphabetically by topics ranging from Adversity to Zion. Each doctrine/principle is stated in a single sentence and given a number. For example. Doctrine numbered 655 reads:

"When the Lord wants the people to learn any essential truth, He will teach it to them over and over again through the repeated witnesses of prophets."

What follows are several declarations from Latter-day Prophets and scriptures that back and define this doctrine.

This reference set is a must for every Latter-day Saint family.

Also included with the set is a CD-Rom that includes the entire content fully linked to the LDS Standard Works for use on your computer or Mobile device.

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by  Customer  -   reviewed on  October 12, 2008

Has a great deal on info in it!

a very informative book

by  susan  -   reviewed on  October 13, 2008

It is wonderful to have this book in your family library, if you have any type of question on any gospel subject you can find answers and quotes from the prophets, scriputres, past confrences etc. I am excited to purchace the second edition.

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