We'll Find the Place: The Mormon Exodus, 1846-1848 (Paperback)

by Richard E. Bennett


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We’ll Find the Place tells the fascinating story of the Mormons’ exodus from Nauvoo, Illinois, to their New Zion in the West — a story of a people’s deliverance that has never before been completely told.

Following the journey of the original pioneer camp of 1847 to the Salt Lake Valley and concluding with the first conference of the church there in 1848, Richard E. Bennett shows the inner workings of the Mormon exodus by probing the minds and hearts of those who suffered and triumphed through this remarkably difficult hour in Latter-day Saint history.

A work many years in the making, We’ll Find the Place looks behind the scenes to reveal Mormonism on the move, its believers sacrificing home, comfort, and sometimes life itself as they sought a safe refuge beyond the Rocky Mountains. It is faithful both to the convictions of the early pioneers and to the records they kept.

About the Author

Richard E. Bennett is a professor of Church history and doctrine and Church history editor for BYU Studies at Brigham Young University. He is a well-respected career historian who has written several books and numerous articles on nineteenth-century Latter-day Saint history.

Born in Ontario, Canada, he holds a Ph.D. in American history from Wayne State University. Before joining the BYU faculty in 1997, he was head of the Department of Archives and Special Collections at the University of Manitoba for twenty years.

Brother Bennett has served in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a stake president, stake mission preside, and regional director of public affairs. He and his wife, Patricia, are the parents of five children.


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