Who Is This Jesus? (Hardcover)

by Christopher Creek (Illustrator), Lorie Creek


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Product Description

This unique seek-and-find book includes twelve detailed illustrations of Jesus depicted in various scriptural events. Within each illustration are hidden pictures. For example, in the illustration titled “Lost and Found” we read, “He is the Savior who rescues the one; He will not rest ’til His work is all done.” The picture depicts Jesus searching for His lost sheep, and hidden within the picture are twenty-six lambs that need to be found. This is a book that will keep children of all ages searching as they learn about the tender mercies of Jesus.

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Product Details

  • Size:  9½ x 11
  • Pages:  32
  • Published:  03/2012

About the Authors

Chris Creek received his bachelor’s degree in fine art and illustration. Chris has worked mainly as an artist and illustrator and recently retired from his computer-based art company to dedicate his full-time attention to painting. Chris and his wife, Lorie, have been married for twenty-eight years and are the parents of three sons. Chris’s art is available at ChristopherCreekArt.com.

Lorie Creek received her bachelor’s degree in English and American literature. Lorie is a homemaker and also enjoys volunteer work. Lorie and her husband, Chris, have been married for twenty-eight years and are the parents of three sons.

Wonderful book for any age at any time!

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  November 11, 2012

The pictures are perfect for sacrament and the hidden images that can be found keep anybody busy. I love this book. I highly recommend this book whole heartedly!

Perfect gift for Easter

by  Carolyn  -   reviewed on  March 21, 2013

I always am happy to find Easter gifts for my grandchildren which are centered on Christ. This book is perfect! The paintings and words truly draw us nearer to Him who's remarkable life we celebrate at Easter. Thank you Christopher and Lorie!

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