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Q - What is included in the product?

A- The product includes the standard works and thousands of books, articles, talks, and other writings. The product includes almost all of the LDS works that have been included in previous editions of gospel libraries and hundreds of new works as well. It also contains a library of 3700 images. It is all included in a searchable infobase with 30 different search features and 30 different study tools. Any of the content can be exported to text or pdf formats.


Q - How many titles are included in the 2009 version?

A - We currently offer 1150 LDS Books, 2100 periodical issues, 675 Religious Classics, 800 World Classics, and over 75 historical works, for a total of 4,800 titles. An exhaustive list of titles and categories is available at:


Q - What kinds of new titles have you added to the 2009 version?

A - We've added 791 additional World Classics, 515 Religious and Christian Classics, and 69 famous Historical Works. We also added 45 new Bible maps and 5 more versions of the Bible. We also added the Conference Reports for 2007 and 2008. We updated all the Sunday School and Priesthood/Relief Society manuals. We've added the Proclamation to the World on the Family, and The Living Christ by the 12 Apostles.


Q- Do you have the book _________?

A - If you own the software you can open it up and look for the work by either Subject, Title, or Author. You can also do a search for the title in the main library search to check for it.


Q - What versions of the Bible have you added?

A - the Darby, Young's, Weymouths, the Vulgate in Latin, and La Santa Biblia in Spanish (not the recently updated 2009 Reina Valera LDS version). This is in addition to the Douay Rheims, Tyndale, American Standard, the King James Version, and the Joseph Smith Translation which are in the 2005 and 2006 versions.


Q - What kind of World or Religious Classics have you added?

A - Over 650 new titles and authors such as:

Jonathan Edwards (25 works)
Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers (14 Volumes)
Ante-Nicene Fathers by Cox (10 Volumes)

Collected Works of John Wesley (14 Volumes)
John Bunyan (14 works)
Adam Clarke (14 works)
Alfred Edersheim (13 works)
Martin Luther (13 works)
Charles Finney (11 works)
Dwight L. Moody (8 works)
St. Thomas Aquinas (7 works)
Commentary by Godbey (7 Volumes)
Clarke's Commentary on the Bible (6 Volumes)
Summa Theologica by St. Thomas Acquinas (6 Volumes)
John Calvin (7 Volumes)

and more!


Q - What kind of World Literary Classics have you added?

A - Works are included from authors like the following:

William Shakespeare (43 works)
Robert Louis Stevenson (35 works)
Charles Dickens (31 works)
L. Frank Baum (18 works)
Edgar Rice Burroughs (17 works)
H.G. Wells (15 works)
Henry James (15 works)
Jack London (14 works)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (12 works)
Joseph Conrad (10 works)
Mark Twain (10 works)
Jane Austen (8 works)
Plato (8 works)
Aristotle (7 works)
Nathaniel Hawthorne (7 works)
Zane Grey (6 works)
and More....


Q - Have you added any new LDS titles?

A - Yes, we've added the Conference Reports for 2007 and 2008. We've added all the Sunday School and Priesthood/Relief Society manuals. We've added the Proclamation to the World on the Family, and The Living Christ by the 12 Apostles.


Q - Have you added any new church books from Deseret Book ?

A - In the 2009 version no. However, if you are upgrading to 2009 from 2005, then you will get 90 new LDS Deseret Book titles that were put into the 2006 version.


Q - Do you have the most current Conference Reports and Ensigns?

A - We have the Conference Reports from 1830 all the way to Oct 2008. (History of the Church, Journal of Discourses, Collected Discourses, then 1897-2008.) We don't have a way to add new content into the software without loading in an entirely new 5GB database, so you will need to get upgraded content in the next software version. The Church has only given us permission to put the Conference Issues of the Ensign in our software. In reality we have four times as many church periodicals as, which only has content from three magazines from 1970 going forward.


Q - Will I be able to download content updates in the future?

A - We originally had hoped that would work, but with the infobase programming framework that we work under, we can't make it work unless you download an entirely new 5GB infobase with every update. We may at some point have smaller patches available to update features and study tools. You can look for those on our LDSAudio home page under Software Updates.


Q - Do you have the BYU Devotionals?

A - Not yet. We do have BYU Speeches and BYU Studies, as well as FARMS materials and books by dozens of BYU professors.


Q - How does LDS Library compare to previous gospel software like Infobases and Gospelink?

A - Every software version has had some different content due to changing copyright agreements, but the goal has always been to bring as much content forward as possible.

  • Currently is a web-only service that costs $4.99 a month or $49.95 a year. LDS Library software sells for $99 for a full version (currently just $29) and $39 for a yearly upgrade (currently just $19). So the software is much more affordable.

  • is that it gives you access to a digital library over the internet, which means it can be used at home, work, church or anywhere with the internet, including your PDA or cell phone. LDS Library requires no internet connection. (If you don't have the internet you can obtain your registration code and updates over the phone 801-437-9660).

  • is also a popular option for those who own Apple/Mac computers. The only way for Apple/Mac users to use LDS Library software is to use Parallels Desktop, VM Ware Fusion, or Virtual Box to install a copy of Windows on their computer also and run the software inside.

  • has nearly 50 new Deseret Book titles, the Institute manuals, additional FARMS content, and web links to BYU Speeches and magazines. These are all available in their online collection and are not found in the LDS Library 2009 software. LDS Library on the other hand has about 500 religious classics, 500 world literary classics, and 100 misc LDS works not currently available in

  • supports up to 10 search types: and, or, not , quote marks, and limiting searches by category. LDS Library's Folio search capabilities support more than 30 kinds of searches from the most basic to the most advanced queries. We have three tutorials and six help guide sections with specific instructions. Additional search features are: wildcards like ? *, word stems, synonyms, xor, no stop words, proximity searches, limiting by book or author or group of books, search map, show counts button, and several advanced folio search types.

  • also has notes, bookmarks, my bookshelf, and my quotekeeper to assist you as study aids. They have two online tutorials to assist you as well. That being said, nothing can compare to the scripture study aids that are built into LDS Library. It has more than 30 gospel study features to greatly improve your gospel study. See the features list below.



Q - What kinds of new enhancements have you added in the 2009 version?

A - Export to PDF: export any title or selected text as a PDF document.

Go to Page Feature: Go directly to any page of a book you open.

Expanded Tutorials and Help: 32 video tutorials and a 60 page help document.

50,000 new interlinks: The 50 most commonly quoted/referenced books in the collection now have interlinks to jump you straight to the quoted passage or page number.

Authority Ranked Search Results: Some of the content in the categories has been realigned to make sure that you get the works of prophets and apostles first.
My Bookshelves: Select and save your own sets of books for custom searching.
Image Library: Copy and paste option has been added to export any of the 3700 images.
My Highlighters: Customize and name over 200 color combinations for marking.
Favorites: create folders for Favorites for better organization.


Q - What kinds of study features do you have in the LDS Library software?

A - The 30 study features in LDS Library include:

Advanced Searching: 40 different search features or types are available to help you find your answers

Bookmarks: keep track of where you are in a book for quick return later on.

Notes: add notes next to text that can be searched

Study Journal: Full word-processing engine to record your studies, lessons, or journal writing.

Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries: Double-click words in the Old and New Testaments to access them.

1828 and 1996 Dictionaries: Double click on any other word in LDS Library to look up that word.

Hyper-linked Footnotes: Clicking on any footnote jumps straight to the citation or end note.

Cross-References: more than 200,000 of them show which scriptures are cited most often together.

Scripture Chains: There are over 85,000 scripture references in 2,500 scripture chains compiled from more than 74 conference reports and 57 books by Prophets and Apostles.

Topical guide: More than 4,000 topics with dozens or hundreds of scriptures on each topic.

Commentaries: As you go through each verse of scripture, LDS Library can bring up quotes from dozens of commentaries and reference works that apply to that specific verse.

10 Different Versions of the Bible including the full Joseph Smith Translation to compare

Indexing: Complete lists of titles to locate, browse or search content by subject, title, or author

Smart Copy and Smart Print: Have the option of controlling how you want the references to appear.

Copy and Print: Works with quotes, pages, chapters, books, and even groups of books!

Tagging: Quickly mark and capture hundreds of different quotes during a study session to recall later.

Go to Verse: Allows you to type in and get to a scripture reference in just seconds.

Zoom: Increase or decrease the font size of the text for your reading comfort.

Keyboard shortcuts: Change or set hundreds of keyboard shortcuts.

Navigation: Home, Forward, Back, Backtrack, Previous Hit, Next Hit navigation buttons.

Customizable Menus and Toolbars


Q - Have you fixed any of the problems with the last edition?

A - Yes, we've been listening to our customers and have made more than 60 additions, changes, and fixes to the content and interface. To see the complete list click here. If there is a feature or study tool that is not working, please consult our video tutorials or help guide to make sure that you are using it correctly. If the problem persists, then contact our tech support at 801-437-9660.



Q - What are the system requirements?

A - Computers must also have 256 MB RAM, 5.5 GB Hard Drive space, and a 1024 x 768 resolution monitor or higher.


Q - Do I need to have my 2005 or 2006 installed on my computer for the upgrade to work?

A - Yes, like most software upgrades, you must have the prior version in order to qualify and use the upgrade version. The previous version needs to be installed, but doesn't necessarily need to be working or registered. You can check if the previous version is installed by going to Start - Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs and see if it is listed unders LDS Library. You can also go to C:\Program Files and see if there is an LDS Media folder. If the previous program is not installed, you will need to install it first.


Q â€" What if I can't find the discs to my previous version or the discs are scratched or won't install properly?

A - We ask our customers look around for them first before calling us. Since we are offering 60% off for people that are upgrading, we need to make sure they have really owned the software. If you can't find the discs, then contact us and we can verify your previous purchase or registration and work something out with you. You can email us at or call 801-437-9660.


Q - Is the software compatible with 64-bit computers?

A - Natively, no. However, there is a way to make it run on 64-bit versions of XP, Vista, and Windows 7. It involves installing an extra operating system on your computer. We've had over 100 people do this successfully. Vista 64-bit users click Here. Windows 7 64 bit users click Here.


Q - Are you planning on making a 64-bit compatible version or fix?

A - We are aware that the future is definitely in 64 bit operating systems. As of November 2009 they make up just 2% of our users. That said, we still spent 2 months working on a 64 bit fix, but it was looking like a never-ending process for our software developers. As a result, we will most likely have to go back to the drawing board and look at designing a new version for coming years that will hopefully be more cross-platform compatible.


Q - Is the software compatible with Apple/Mac computers?

A - Natively, no. However, there is a workaround in place to help our Mac users, who are few in number. If you purchase a virtual program such as VMWare Fusion, Parallels desktop, or use the free Virtualbox from Sun Microsystems, then you can run a copy of windows on your machine, and run our software within windows. You would need to own or purchase a copy of windows to make this option work. We have not had success using 2009 with the program Crossover for Mac. You are welcome to try and let us know.


Q - I have two discs for 2009, a white disc and a blue disc. Which one do I use?

A - For the first 1000 customers of our software in the fall of 2008, we sent out a white pre-release disc in a small cardboard mailer. We then collected feedback from all the users and fixed another dozen things in the software, such as the registration codes. We then mailed out the final-release disc in a plastic DVD case with nice graphic design inside and out. So you can throw the white disc away and use the blue final-release disc. You can just plug it in your computer and it will install over the top of your pre-release disc, or will do a fresh install if you have not yet used it.


Q - Do you have to have the CD or DVD disc in the computer to work?

A - No, it installs to your hard drive and you don't need to worry about having the disc in.


Q - Do I have to have a DVD drive for it work?

A - If all you have is a CD drive, we have a downloadable version of the software if you have internet access. You may also want to look into upgrading your computer to a DVD drive, which you can do in about 30 min and is less than $50 to do. Then you'll be able to burn and read both CDs and DVDs.


Q - Is your product still compatible with the LDS PDA Library?

A - It will export the titles properly, but to the wrong folder. The Export to PDA Partner function on the Tools Menu is supposed to export a file to the C:\Program Files\LDS Media\LDS Library 2005\PDALibrary\Incoming folder but instead exports it to C:\Program Files\LDS Media\LDS Library\7.0.0\Incoming folder. If after you export each file you go in an move the file manually, then it should work.


Q - Will your program slow down my computer?

A - Our program no longer installs in quick-start mode, so the program will not run in the background unless you open it up and use it. We have had very few complaints about the speed of our 2009 Library. We do recommend that you have at least 256MB of Ram and 5.5 GB of free hard drive space.


Q - Is this an internet product or do I need the Internet to make it work?

A - No. It is a software program not an internet site, so it doesn't require an Internet connection. There are two online libraries out there on the market but they only have a few study features and not nearly the number of search options and titles as our LDS Library software.


To get features/compatibility updates and patches does require Internet access. Those would be available on our LDSAudio homepage under software updates. All updates and patches are included in the next product upgrade also. If you need to register your software, but don't have the internet you can call our customer service at 801-437-9660 and they can give you a registration number.



Q - Can I install this on more than one computer?

A - If you are the owner of the machines and they are for your immediate household, not your grown children outside of the house, then you may put it on all your computers. If you sell or give away the computers, you will need to remove the software.


Q- Can I install LDS Library 2009 to an 8GB USB flash/jump drive?

A - Yes, it can be done, but be warned that it installs very slowly (up to 40 hours) and the searches and features may be a bit more sluggish.




Q - Do you have special pricing for resellers/vendors?

A - Please call our customer service department at 801-437-9660 or email us


Q - Is this product available in stores?

A - While some stores may carry it this product is not carried in all LDS bookstores. Check with your local bookstore to see if it is in stock.


Q - Do you ship to international locations outside the US?

A - Yes. Visit for details. We can make the disks available for download. You should have access to a hi-speed internet connection to download these files. After purchasing the software send an email to with a request to send instructions for downloading the library disks. Include your purchase order # and account information in the email.


Q - Can the program be purchased and downloaded?

Yes. You should have access to a hi-speed internet connection to download these files. After purchasing the software send an email to with a request to send instructions for downloading the library disks. Include your purchase order # and account information in the email.


Q - How much is shipping and handling?

A - See the page for the most up-to-date info on shipping.


Q - What payment methods are available?

A - You can order with a credit or debit card over the phone. If you wish to pay by check or money order, then you can send them to Deseret Book Orders, PO Box 30178, Salt Lake City, UT 84130. Include the specific item quantities, product numbers, and return shipping information. Make sure that you call 801-437-9660 and get a price quote including shipping before sending payment.



Q - How can I contact you if my question is not answered above. or call you back after I check it out ?

A - You can call us back at 866-364-9552.





Frequently Asked Support Questions and Issues


Q - What are the known issues with LDS Library 2009?

A - See the issues and workaround solutions listed below:


Issue: The software will install, but won't run on my 64 bit computer. I get an error that says "LDS Library has stopped working" or "LDS Library has encountered a problem and needs to close".

Solution: LDS Library will not run natively on 64 bit computers. You will need to follow one of our workarounds in order to make it work. Vista 64-bit users click Here. Windows 7 64 bit users click Here.


Issue: I can't get my registration code to work.

Solution: You are probably trying to use a code from 2005 or 2006. Each software version needs a new code. The code should begin with CL-700 (seven zero zero). You need to enter it in all caps and also have the dashes entered. You also need to have the email address entered that you obtained the code with. If you need a new code for any version or need the same code again, then simply enter your email address, hit the register now button. Log in or create an registration account at and it will give you your code. Highlight, right-click Copy, and then right-click paste the code in where it asks for it and click on Finish, Ok, and Close. You will be good to go. Doing the copy and paste is much better than typing it in, since there is less chance for error. You can also just keep hitting remind me later and the software will always keep working properly since it is not on a trial basis.


Issue: I can't remember my password at

Solution: You can type in your email address and then click on the Forgot My Password link. Then on the Password Assistance screen, enter your email address. The password will be emailed to you. The email will come from so you will want to check your inbox, spam, junkmail, and trash folders after 10 minutes to see if it has arrived or been filtered out. If it never arrives, then call our support at 801-437-9660 or send an email to


Issue: The Export to PDA Partner function on the Tools Menu doesn't work properly.

Solution: See the answer earlier on this page.


Issue: The Backup Personalization file on the Tools menu doesn't work on Vista 32 bit computers and some XP computers. Your personalization (shadow) file stores all their notes, bookmarks, favorites, and highlighters.

Issue: You can find your personalization file in the following directory C:\Program Files\LDS Media\LDS Library. In there is a file called NFO and inside is a file called ldscl05.sdw and is a relatively small file compared to your ldscl05.nfo (infobase database) file. You can right-click on the NFO folder and select "send to - Desktop (create shortcut)" This will send a shortcut. Every time that you want to back up your personalization file, close LDS Library which will save any changes. Then click on your shortcut you just created, which will take you inside the NFO folder. Then copy and paste out the ldscl05.sdw file to a safe location such as My Documents or an external drive. If you ever need to paste it back in, you can do so. Please note that you shouldn't change the name of the file. You will need to identify the file by last date modified.


Issue: When you move or delete a bookmark or favorite, the icon stays in the old location and doesn't erase, even when you restart the software.

Solution: Have patience with it and try to ignore it.


Issue: When you press the clear checkmarks button, it only clears them from the Subjects tab, but not the Authors or Titles tabs.

Solution: The only way to clear them is to manually go in and remove them all by unchecking them, or else close the software and reopen it again.


Issue: There is no replace warning that comes up when you try to add a bookshelf or bookmark by the same name. Otherwise it just replaces it.

Solution: Be careful when entering names of Bookshelves and bookmarks.


Issue: If you accidentally click on the delete note icon it deletes your note without a confirmation dialogue.

Solution: You can use the Edit â€" Undo button, but you also need to be careful when deleting notes.


Issue: Many of the " " symbols in the Infobase, including recent Conference Reports got changed to i?1/2 sign.

Solution: If you are copying and pasting the text out and need it cleaned up, you can highlight the error and then hit Ctrl F and paste the error text in. You can then click on the replace option and tell it what to replace it with such as ''. You can then replace them one at a time or replace all at once.


Issue: Ctrl C takes me to Smart copy which takes extra time and limits me to copying 29 pages. Solution: You can click on Edit-Copy, the copy button on the toolbar, or reset the keyboard shortcut for Ctrl C to be regular copy. See the Help Guide to learn how to do this. Regular copy will allow you to copy thousands of pages. Smart copy's benefit is that it allows you to control the reference info.


Issue: I can't seem to get the Go to Page feature to work.

Solution: In order for it to work, you need to double-click on the book title in either the Subject, Title, or Author tab. This will enter you on the "book level" of the database. You can then hit Ctrl-R to turn the reference lines on and check to see if the book has page numbers. (Hundreds of books in LDS Library and Gospelink do not have page numbering as they were keyed in by hand and left out.). You can then go to View - Go to Page and type the page number and you should jump to that page. If you need to jump to a different page, you will need to go back to the Home tab and then double-click and enter at the book level again and type the new page. You may also experience some trouble when trying to use the Ctrl-G shortcut, so we advise against it. You may also find it helpful to use the 50,000 interlinks in the infobase. The 57 most commonly quoted books are hyperlinked to their page numbers whenever they are referenced.


Issue: It says there is not enough free space on my drive to install the program.

Solution: You can open up the My Computer icon (or Computer) and then right click on your local disk c: hard drive and go down and click on properties. This will tell you your total capacity and used space and free space. You will need at least 5.5GB of free space before you start the installation. (If you have 2005 or 2006 installed, you will need just 3GB. One way to free up space is to go through your recycle bin and make sure that you don't need any of the stuff and then empty the recycle bin. You can also check your C:\Documents and Settings\ [username] \Local Settings\Temp and see if you need any of the things in you Temporary folder. If you don't then you can you can go back to the C drive properties box from before and click on the Disk Cleanup button. Depending on which items you select for deletion, you can free up more space.


Issue: I can't copy and paste anything out of the study aids pop-out side windows to the right.

Solution: You will need to click on the scripture or quotes one by one which will bring them up in the main viewing window to the left, where you can copy them.


Issue: The green interlinks or hyperlinks within the books and talks of the Library that refer to the Doctrine and Covenants do not work. The rest of the standard works do work.

Solution: You will need to use the Quick look up, Go to Verse, or X-ref tools to look up the verse quickly.


Issue: I'm having difficulty getting the print function to work.

Solution: Try the smart print button/option.


Issue: I'm having trouble getting the searches limited to just the items that I checkmarked on the subject tab or titles or authors tab.

Solution: The program will only recognize checkmarks on the tab that you are on. If you have checkmarks on other tabs, you will need to uncheck them in order for the search to work properly. You will also need to hit F5 or New Search. If it's going to take too much time and effort, the might be easiest just to close the software and open it up again which will clear everything.


Issue: I keep getting strange error messages. The software was running fine until now.

Solution: One of the files may have gotten changed, moved, or corrupted. If you close the software and all other programs and then put in your 2009 disc and select the Repair option, then it may be able to repair whatever is wrong. If that doesn't work, then contact support at 801-437-9660 or send an email to

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