Retail Product Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in having your product sold through Deseret Book Company. Individuals and companies often approach us about buying their products for resale in our retail division, which includes our stores, our website and direct mail. Because we literally receive thousands of product submissions annually, we have established policies and procedures to help us operate efficiently and profitably.

Submission Process

Please send a sample of your product or catalog to the address listed below.  Please include all pricing information (retail and cost) along with company terms and policies, and a contact person with either an email address or street address included.  If you do not send samples, pictures of the product should be included.

Attn: Retail Buying Team
57 West South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT  84101
(for UPS or Fed Ex)


Attn: Retail Buying Team
PO Box 30178
Salt Lake City, UT  84130-0178
(for USPS)

If you do include a sample with your submission, please note that samples will not be returned.

If you do not have a catalog or sample to send, you are welcome to submit your product information via email to Please include retail prices, wholesale costs, images (less than 2MB), and any information regarding the product or company you deem pertinent to us.

Product Decisions

  • All products submitted will be reviewed on a monthly basis.  You can expect a reply via email or letter 6-8 weeks from receipt of your submission.
  • If your product is not selected, we are not able to give specific reasons as to why due to the volume of submissions we receive.  Please note that all products are reviewed by a buying committee and given equal consideration.
  • If your product is selected, you will be contacted by a buyer whom you will work with going forward. Please note that we do require the products we purchase to already have barcodes, UPC (for non-book items) or EAN (for books), and retail prices printed on each item or on a sticker affixed to each item. (National DVD, music, game, and gift merchandise suppliers may be exempted from this price requirement.)

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