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The Blueprint of Christ's Church

by Tad R. Callister

A strong testimony requires a solid foundation. This is especially true in our day, when we have so much access to information from so many sources, both reliable and spurious. With the numerous voices competing for our attention, how can we avoid being "carried about with every wind of doctrine"?

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40 hymns 40 days cd

40 Hymns for Forty Days

by Paul Cardall

Featuring all new hymn arrangements for piano and strings. These tenderly performed 40 pieces are rich in melody and invoke an environment of prayer, meditation, and spiritual awareness.

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Men of covenant.f

Men of Covenant

by Robert L. Millet

We are a covenant-making people, but do we fully appreciate the power of the promises contained in just the twelve short verses of the oath and covenant of the priesthood? Author Robert L. Millet invites us to consider the promises Melchizedek Priesthood holders make to God and His irrevocable promise to faithful priesthood holders. Discover the glorious blessings He makes available to us all, both men and women.

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