Contact Us at Deseret Book

Please consult the table below - if you aren't sure who can best help you, or you can't find the person or department you are looking for, send your message to and your email will be forwarded to the appropriate party.

Department/Division Contact Person  
Print Permissions - Commercial or Academic Copyright Clearance Center Request Permission
Print Permissions - Quotation Use or Non-Commercial Michelle Spiron
Sheet Music or Live Performances Evelyn Sheehan
Music or Film Permissions - Non-Commercial Michelle Spiron
Intellectual Property Licensing Jack Newman
Order or Product Inquiries Customer Service
Human Resources Kendra Beazer
Customer Support DeAnn Hansen
Deseret Bookshelf, eBooks & Downloads Trevor Dickson
Event Tickets Evelyn Sheehan
GospeLink Technical Support Evelyn Sheehan
Retail Division Keith Hunter
Media Inquiries Haley Lundbery
Publishing (Books & Music) Lisa Mangum
Wholesale Division Carolyn Olsen

(Note: to find the email address for the manager of a particular Deseret Book store, visit that store's home page.)