Deseret Bookshelf Preview Program

The Deseret Bookshelf Preview program is an invite-only, no-cost subscription membership that provides temporary access to key Deseret Book titles to select market influencers, for the purpose of reviewing and promoting the sale of Preview titles. Your membership in the Preview program is provided at the election of Deseret Book Company to individuals who have been identified by Deseret Book as market influencers of both the Deseret Book brand and its associated products and programs. Access to Deseret Bookshelf Preview titles is dependent upon participants active efforts to create awareness of our products and programs to current and prospective customers, as determined by survey responses and other means.

What you get access to

Deseret Bookshelf Preview provides access, via our Deseret Bookshelf app, to selected key titles, as determined by our Product division, in both eBook and Audiobook formats (when available), for the purpose of helping a Preview member familiarize themselves with key titles. As a participating Preview member, you may add Preview titles from our preselected list to your existing Deseret Bookshelf library account at no cost to you during your Preview membership. When logged into your account, you may easily add a Preview title to your library by tapping on the "Download with Preview" button on the product view in the app or on This will temporarily add the product to your library where you can then instantly read or listen to the selected title.

All materials accessed via Deseret Bookshelf Preview remain the property of Deseret Book at all times and are made available solely for promotional purposes to active participants of the Deseret Bookshelf Preview program.

Participation expectations

Deseret Bookshelf Preview is a program that is designed to provide access to Deseret Book key titles for the purpose of increasing engagement and awareness of our products and programs. All we ask is that you participate actively in our promotional endeavor to increase public awareness of these titles. This may include, but not limited to, answering surveys, submitting product reviews in addition to your own efforts discuss and promote Deseret Book products in your circles of influence.

From time to time, Deseret Bookshelf Preview may email surveys to gather feedback on our products and programs. Subscribing to these emails is an important part of your membership in the Preview program. If surveys have not been completed by you in a reasonable time, you may lose access to the Preview program, including Preview titles provided to you as a member of the Preview program.

Reserved rights

Access to the Preview program is provided to you on a temporary basis, without consideration or payment by you, at the sole discretion of Deseret Book Company. Deseret Book Company reserves the right to cancel the Preview program and/or your membership access at any time or for any reason or for no reason, without notice to you. Requests to be removed from the Preview program will be processed in a timely manner by emailing

We hope this program will be an enjoyable experience for participants while being an effective way to increase awareness and engagement with our brand, authors, and key titles.