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Spiritual style parenting. Inspiring!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Having read a lot of parenting skills book, I know how to use positive wording and other popular parenting techniques. What I needed was a spiritual guide. I bought this book in hopes it would provided new insights into making our home better, improving my relationship with the children, and increasing the chances of having the children gain their own discipline and testimony. It has been a wonderful read! I want my husband to read it as well. And I will skim it periodically to help me remember the things spoken of. I found myself saying 'Yes, I was thinking of that, actually' in some places. But it's the sort of thing that just whispers in your mind and you don't get out and DO! Then there were the things I hadn't really thought of. For me, this book provided clear guidelines to changing our spiritual home for the better. I highly recommend this book to any parent and know that these are great tips that will improve any family. You won't be burdened with lots of technical jargon. It might seem to stretch the subject a little in parts, but it reads easily and enjoyably with subideas below the main ones. Definitely worth the $$ and your time.