The Field is White

by Cynthia Doxey Green, Carol Wilkinson

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Explore the story of Church growth initiated by Wilford Woodruff's missionary efforts in the mid-1800s in the "Three Counties of England," the three agrarian counties near the southeastern corner of Wales: Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, and Worcestershire. Learn how the religious, socioeconomic, and political background prepared people in this part of England to accept the restored gospel. Read about the efforts of England to accept the restored gospel. Read about the efforts of American and British missionaries as well as the lives of some of the early converts, both those who emigrated and those who stayed in England. In this regional history, discover how current Church members in this area have forged links with the legacy left to them from this amazing time of harvest.

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About the Authors

Cynthia Doxey Green

Cynthia Doxey Green is a former associate professor of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University. Her research and teaching focused on familiy history and British emigration. Since her marriage to Richard A. Green and subsequent move to North Carolina, she has continued doing family history research and speaking at local and national genealogy conferences and societies.

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Carol Wilkinson

Carol Wilkinson is an associate professor of teacher education at Brigham Young University and taught for ten years as a religion transfer professor for the Department of Church History and Doctrine. She received her BEd from Durham University, England, and MS and EdD from Brigham Young University. A native of England, she served in the England Bristol Mission, spending eleven months in the Three Counties of England.

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Historic Tour of England
By , Submitted on 2017-06-15

"The Field Is White" takes readers on a historic tour of England during the missionary service of Wilford Woodruff and other Mormon apostles in the Three Counties area (Worcestershire, Hereford­shire, and Gloucestershire). Chief among the new converts were the United Brethren, who were seeking a restoration of ancient Christianity and who soon become ardent supporters and missionaries themselves. The authors of this book, Carol Wilkinson and Cynthia Doxey Green, have documented the stories and added delightful color photos and maps to introduce the people and places. Highly recommended!

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