Martyrs in Mexico

by F. LaMond Tullis

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"What bravery! They died with their boots on!" remarked one of the Zapatista executioners about the surreal way Rafael Monroy and Vicente Morales had stood to receive the fusillade of bullets that pierced their bodies. The terror of facing an execution squad notwithstanding, no cowering, begging, or hysterics marred their calm and stalwart resolution to not renounce their faith. Instead, the men reaffirmed their religious convictions, emphasizing that the only arms they possessed were not concealed military weapons but rather their sacred texts—the Bible and the Book of Mormon.

This volume gives readers an intriguing look at the tumultuous but faith-filled experiences of the Saints seeking to establish a piece of Zion in Mexico. From the founding of the LDS Church amid revolutionary war in the late nineteenth century through the trials of organizing the faith in the state of Hidalgo into the 1950s, this book places historical Mormon figures clearly within the context of the country's society, economy, and polity. Readers will learn the background and details of how the Church survived Mexico's civil war of 1910-17, when its members were under severe duress from insurgent militias as well as their own government. Members with ties to Mexico or anyone with an interest in Church history will enjoy discovering this somewhat unknown chapter of building the kingdom.

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Size6 x 9
PublishedDeseret Book and RSC BYU 2018

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F. LaMond Tullis

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Martyrs in Mexico
By , Submitted on 2018-06-08

LaMond Tullis tackles two difficult and often misunderstand subjects in Church history, that of the context of martyrdom and the institutional development of the Church amidst imperfect people. His writing is riveting and his scholarship is impeccable, including his realistic panorama of the dangers and events of Mexican life, politics, and revolution. He is the foremost authority on Mexican LDS Church history today and his previous book Mormons in Mexico is still the only comprehensive book on Mexico even after 30 years since its publication. LaMond has mastered the primary sources, most of which are in Spanish, and also the secondary sources. He also sifts through any folkloric qualities about the martyrdom and cites his observations from the multiples sources with great tact and trueness to scholarship. Great addition to Latin American Church history. Enjoy!

By , Submitted on 2018-05-03

LaMond Tullis has written another fantastic book about Mormon history in Mexico. Martyrs in Mexico is a well-researched book written in a compelling narrative style. Serious students of Mormon history will find the book insightful, and readers looking for a fascinating story won't be disappointed either. Tullis tells a fascinating tale in which several Saints, despite their own foibles and the country's political instability, seek to strengthen the Church in Mexico. It is an inspiring story that is well worth the read.

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