Leather 1830 Book of Mormon Replica

by Stratford Books

1830 book of mormon replica

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The most authentic, readily available replica of the 1830 first edition! 50 features make this the best Book of Mormon Replica.

The only mass-produced replica with:

  • Leather covers (beautiful, high quality)
  • Sewn binding (plus adhesive)
  • Digital reproduction of the original text, typesetting, and layout, including the only replica with all pages properly positioned
  • Accurate spine artwork (including rare font for the title, layout of gold bands across entire width of spine, correct shade of gold, etc.)
  • Authentic 16-page "signatures" (accurate original sections)
  • Most authentic paper available (for color, thickness, opacity, and pH)
  • Correct number of blank "end sheets" (front and back)

A rare treasure in old-style craftsmanship. Share with others the beauty of the original Book of Mormon. Display this intriguing conversation piece as an object of inspiration and art.

See all 50 features at 1830replica.blogspot.com

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