2009 Deseret News Church Almanac

by Deseret News

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The Almanac this year is much more illustrative than past years. It contains the major figures that demonstrate Church growth as in past issues, but in a more visual way.

The major news of the year is highlighted by the passing of President Gordon B. Hinckley, and the sustaining of a new First Presidency—the biographies of each member of the First Presidency has been developed to include more information than past years.

The Almanac is smaller than past editions, making it more handy, but with the same pertinent information. Each section has been modified, or in some cases, entirely redesigned, making the look and appeal of the book more inviting, and easier to read to garner the information.

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2009 Almanac
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Unfortunantely, I was a bit disappointed when I went to purchase the new almanac addition. I have enjoyed reading the state and country historical sections of past almanacs and used it as a reference for seeing the growth of the church around the world. This very imformative and interesting section was significantly condensed in the 2009 edition. I hope in subsequent editions this section is once again included.

Gives much of the same but updated statistics, but not the individual history of each state.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Great resource for LDS statistics. The number of pages were cut in half. It features the life of President Hinckley. It gives a review of news events from the start of October 2007 through September 2008 (30 pages - Color). It gives brief biographies of all general athorities (Current and Past-116 pages). Worldwide Church - Area information maps and a variety of statistics (54 pages). Temples and pertinent information for each worldwide temple (76 pages). Feature- Life of president Gordon B. Hinckley (40 pages). Highlights on policy annoucements, appointments, awards, temple news, deaths, new stakes, church growth, LDS olympians, etc (20 pages).

To make it smaller, this edition does not povide state, province, and country history. More information for each area of the church is given instead. This section covered 332 pages in 2008 almanac is now consolidated to 49 pages for the 2009 almanac. The 2009 does have tables showing membership, stakes, districts, wards, branches, etc. for each of the states, provinces, and countries for year-end 2007.

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