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2005 or 2006 LDS Library users are eligible to purchase the upgrade version for $19.95. Infobase 94-99 or Gospelink 1998-2001 users are not eligible for the upgrade. The 2009 upgrade disc requires that certain files from the 2005 or 2006 versions be on your machine before the upgrade will begin. If your previous discs are scratched or lost and if you registered your previous version, then call us at 801-437-9660. We will verify your previous purchase or registration and work out a solution with you.


This software library of e-books requires a DVD disc drive and 32 bit operating system in order to install and access the books. Vista 64-bit users click Here, for details and instructions before purchasing. Windows 7 64 bit users click Here, for details and instructions before purchasing. Computers must also have 256 MB RAM, 5.5 GB Hard Drive space, and a 1024 x 768 resolution monitor or higher.\r\r\r\r

LDS Library 2009 is the most complete and versatile LDS gospel learning library ever compiled. Version 7.0 brings together 4,800 e-book titles in one powerful software program. It's packed with more of the great content you love as well as several exciting new features. Whether you are a novice in gospel study or an experienced researcher, this gospel library will enhance your reading, searching, and studying of the gospel. The software presents the wealth of gospel content in a way that is easy for you to read and browse by author and title, or conduct searches for specific words and phrases. It's better than a set of encyclopedias. It is an entire library!\r\r\r\r

The Collection includes:
\r\r1,150 LDS works (4 new)
\r\r2,100+ LDS periodical issues (5 new)
\r\r800 World (literary) classics (650 new)
\r\r650 Religious classics (non-LDS) (500 new)
\r\r75+ historical works (50 new)
\r\rTotaling 4,800 Titles!


    New and enhanced features include:\r\r
  • Export to PDF: export any title or selected text as a PDF document.\r\r
  • Go to Page Feature: Go directly to any page of a book you open.\r\r
  • Expanded Tutorials and Help: 32 video tutorials and a 60 page help document.\r\r
  • 50,000 new interlinks: The 50 most commonly quoted/referenced books in the collection now have interlinks to jump you straight to the quoted passage or page number.\r\r
  • Authority Ranked Search Results: Some of the content in the categories has been realigned to make sure that you get the works of prophets and apostles first.\r\r
  • My Bookshelves: Select and save your own sets of books for custom searching.\r\r
  • Image Library: Copy and paste option has been added to export any of the 3700 images.\r\r
  • My Highlighters: Customize and name over 200 color combinations for marking.\r\r
  • Favorites: create folders for Favorites for better organization.

    You'll also enjoy these un-paralleled Scripture Study Aids: \r\r
  • Advanced Searching: 40 different search features or types are available to help you find your answers\r\r
  • Bookmarks: keep track of where you are in a book for quick return later on.\r\r
  • Notes: add notes next to text that can be searched\r\r
  • Study Journal: Full word-processing engine to record your studies, lessons, or journal writing.\r\r
  • Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries _ã_ Double-click words in the Old and New Testaments to access them\r\r
  • 1828 and 1996 Dictionaries _ã_ Double click on any other word in LDS Library to look up that word.\r\r
  • Hyper-linked Footnotes _ã_ Clicking on any footnote jumps straight to the citation or end note. \r\r
  • Cross-References - more than 200,000 of them show which scriptures are cited most often together.
  • Scripture Chains - There are over 85,000 scripture references in 2,500 scripture chains compiled from more than 74 conference reports and 57 books by Prophets and Apostles. \r\r
  • Topical guide - More than 4,000 topics with dozens or hundreds of scriptures on each topic. \r\r
  • Commentaries - As you go through each verse of scripture, LDS Library can bring up quotes from dozens of commentaries and reference works that apply to that specific verse. \r\r
  • 10 Different Versions of the Bible including the full Joseph Smith Translation to compare\r\r
  • Indexing _ã_ Complete lists of titles to locate, browse or search content by subject, title, or author \r\r
  • Smart Copy and Smart Print _ã_ Have the option of controlling how you want the references to appear.\r\r
  • Copy and Print _ã_ Works with quotes, pages, chapters, books, and even groups of books!\r\r
  • Tagging _ã_ Quickly mark and capture hundreds of different quotes during a study session to recall later.\r\r
  • Go to Verse _ã_ Allows you to type in and get to a scripture reference in just seconds.\r\r
  • Zoom _ã_ Increase or decrease the font size of the text for your reading comfort.\r\r
  • Keyboard shortcuts _ã_ Change or set hundreds of keyboard shortcuts.\r\r
  • Navigation _ã_ Home, Forward, Back, Backtrack, Previous Hit, Next Hit navigation buttons.\r\r
  • Customizable Menus and Toolbars

Bring a wealth of knowledge and insights into your home today!\r\r



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Excellent Resource
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I run this program on my Mac using windows XP Home with no problem. We also have it on a PC with Windows XP as the operating system with no problems. I have used this program for many years and encourage any gospel student to make the investment. It is a wonderful program that is worth more than it costs. As a student of the scriptures, the search engine enables me to find a scripture I am looking for much faster than with online scriptures. Since it is on my hard drive, the search is fast. If one attempt doesn't result, it is easy to make another with many methods to tailor the search. If I remember but one word of any scripture in the New Testament, I can find it. Experience will make it easier. It also has a wealth of quotes from previous church leaders, the Inspired Version of the Scriptures and so much more. As a church leader, it has blessed my life. I was saddened when I read the previous reviews, for they only addressed computers. I have purchased this program for many of my married children and will continue until they all have it.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Won't run on a 64 bit computer and really no technical support. Save your money and don't purchase this product.

I can't get it to install
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I'm impressed that Donald could install the program at all. I haven't been able to do so, after numerous attempts.

The site directs one to a 66-page instruction booklet for setting up a separate partition on which to run the program. But that means that unless you also install your word processor, etc. to that partition, you can't use LDS Library at the same time you use your other programs.

Great product; really poor support.

Works on Windows 7, 64 Bit
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

The program works very good on my new computer, you just need to set XP Mode which will run all of the older 32 Bit programs. I am dyslexic so it is a great help for me. The program well go in depth in areas of the gospel.

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