2012 Summer Playlist

by Deseret Book Company

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The 2012 Summer Playlist features a wide variety of musical tracks from some of the year's top-selling albums. Featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Mercy River, Sandra Turley and many more, you can't find a better deal for less than two dollars this summer!

  • When I Sing (Tyler Castleton)
    From When I Can't Speak
  • Time for Love (Calee Reed)
    From The Waiting Place
  • For Good (Sandra Turley)
    From Sandra Turley: On Broadway
  • Hold Your Light Up (Conlon Bonner)
    From Shine: Songs for Youth 2012
  • Lose My Blues (Justin Cash)
    From Beautiful World
  • Hymn of Praise (Mormon Tabernacle Choir)
    From Glory! Music of Rejoicing
  • Just Like a Father Would (Mercy River)
    From Higher
  • Make You Smile (Catherine Papworth)
    From Pretty Darn Funny Soundtrack

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