The Hand of God (32x24 Framed Art)

by Yongsung Kim

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At the age of 20, Yongsung Kim had a dream that God asked him, "What are you doing with the gifts I've given you?" From then on he felt compelled to paint images of Christ that share some of the light and hope that Jesus offers.Textured paper.

About the Author

Yongsung Kim

I spent my youth in the beautiful countryside of Korea, which is rich with the emotion that I hope is captured in my paintings. I started painting in middle school and spent much of my time growing up drawing.

After I became an adult, I began to worry about the path my life would lead, so I prayed. Through the inspiration I gained while painting, I decided I would live a life devoted to bringing glory to God. Even though I didn’t formally study painting, I felt I had been blessed with natural talent and aesthetic taste and I began a life as a Christian artist.

With much love and affection for my family, I strive to live as an example of a devoted Christian father. My family includes my wife, a daughter who aspires to be an animator, and a son who hopes to be a guitarist.

The main theme and focus of my paintings are consistently and primarily Jesus Christ and Christianity. Co-artists have asked me if it was necessary to intentionally include Christ in every piece. They have even suggested I remove Christ and paint a likeness or euphemism of him. In a world with an increasing culture of violence and darkness, in addition to decreasing bright and clean depictions of religion, I want to shed Christ’s light on this new generation. So I deal with subjects of Christ, as the “Good Shepherd” with His flock and Christ’s “Love and Grace”, and “Beautiful Christ” as major themes.

Rather than the world’s standard of a heavy and grim depiction of Jesus Christ, I seek to work with that which is easy to understand, that which resonates with the sympathies and emotions we feel. Rather than complex or difficult art, I focus on a bright, righteous, and beautiful idea of Christ, utilizing portrayals of familiar scenes of nature to help it enter the heart of the observer.

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By , Submitted on 2019-04-30

With BEAUTY & a lovely eye for color & depth, I like this artist! With his depiction of our Lord Jesus reaching into the "abyss." ( not really just WHAT I call it!) I thought this piece was lovely, on point, spoke soo much without saying a WORD & after all...isn't THAT the point of good art? I think it is! I applaud this artist & really " get" what he's saying here. YOU should enjoy him too, he's THAT GOOD!!!

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