Summer Glow Salt Lake Temple (33x46 Framed Art)

by Rory Wallwork

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Spend a warm summer night on temple square in Rory Wallwork’s Summer Glow Salt Lake Temple. You can almost smell the vividly, colorful flowers as you walk by this magnificent piece of photography. Brighten any home with this framed art of the Salt Lake Temple.

About the Author

Rory Wallwork

"Born and raised in Northern Utah, I began my interest in photography at a young age, starting with my dad’s 35mm film camera. Years later I did a lot of black-and-white photography in junior high school, which allowed me to learn the ins-and-outs of traditional black and white film photography and classic darkroom techniques. Then, nearly a decade later, I became much more serious about photography when I realized that all my life I had been completely surrounded by a variety of beautiful landscapes and temples. I started capturing and sharing these incredible places with others, relying solely on personal experience, trial and error, and the inspiration of others to get me where I'm at today.

I later began photographing temples in 2014, when my local Ogden Temple was finishing its major renovation. I enjoyed it so much that I began photographing other temples as well, and I've been doing it ever since. As anyone who’s been to the temple can attest – they’re a special place. Being on their sacred grounds gives you such a wonderful sense of peace and joy. While I love photographing alongside others, I also love doing it alone. The peace; the quiet; the calm that you can experience at a temple is next to none. It’s the perfect place to think about life and about Christ and the gospel. So often it feels like it’s just you and the temple, and you can leave everything else behind. It’s really a wonderful feeling.” - Rory Wallwork

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