5 Day Red Survival Backpack

by Wise Company

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Product Description

5 Day survival product and food kit for 1 person.

Additional Product Details

  • 1 Back pack
  • 5 Water Pouches
  • 42 Piece Bandage Kit
  • 1 Squeeze Flashlight
  • 5-in-1 Survival Whistle
  • Water Proof Matches
  • Mylar Blanket
  • Emergency Poncho
  • Playing Cards
  • N95 Dust Mask
  • Portable Stove
  • Stainless Steel Cup
  • Pocket Tissues
  • Wet Naps
  • Waste Bag
  • 32 Servings of Wise Food-
  • Southwest Beans and Rice (4 Serve)
  • Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini (4 Serve)
  • Brown Sugar Multi Grain (4 Serve)
  • Apple Cinnamon Cereal (4 Serve)
  • Hearty Tortilla (4 Serve)
  • Whey Milk (12 Serve)

Total Weight: 9 lbs
Dimensions: 13" tall, 11" Wide, 13" Deep

*Due to restrictions in some countries, please do not select to ship this product outside the United States.

About the Author

Wise Company

WISE FOODS takes an innovative approach in providing dependable, simple and affordable Ready-Made Food Storage Meals. Most people agree that long-term food storage is important, but for a variety of reasons, don't feel as prepared as they would like to be. This can lead to frustration and in-action. Wise Company aims at eliminating these frustrations by making your emergency food supply dependable, simple, and affordable.

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