The 5000 Days Project: Two Brothers

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At the turn of the century, Award winning filmmaker Rick Stevenson, decided to track the lives of 100 children for the next 5000 Days. Two Brothers follows two of those children (Sam & Luke Nelson) in a surprisingly candid journey through time involving their adolescent struggles with brotherhood, depression, peer pressure, forgiveness, and growth in their Mormon faith. As a Protestant Christian, Stevenson got a front seat view of this oft misunderstood religion. The result is a compelling, eye-opening account of growing up in America today. Includes 40 minutes of Bonus footage. This film is unrated but appropriate for ages 10 and up.

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Inspiring Film!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I loved this film, and am so grateful it has been captured. I have a personal connection with the making of the film. Sam is my sister's nephew. I was called to served in Concepcion Chile in 1999 and Sam was called 10 years later to the same mission! His first area was one I served in, Chiguayante. I got word to him about a family that was baptized while I was there. The Acuna Family, who are in this film. (Rick should do a film dedicated to this family and the miracles surrounding it,OK Rick?)! :) We are now trying to help prepare Gaston for his mission. Rick, the one who made this film and a non-member, is making sure Gaston is flown to the U.S. so Sam and I (and Rick) can connect with him again. I was so excited to see this part of the film (the Acuna Family) but found myself so interested in the whole film. I found it authentic and loved the raw emotions! Rick told me his non-member neighbors watched it and they now have a totally new perspective on missionaries. They previously thought them a bit robotic and doing it just because their parents wanted them to go. After the film they saw the emotion and love, and now will always have a better perspective on who missionaries are. I love that! This film is for members and non-members alike.
Emotional, Inspiring, Honest...5 star film!

love of a family
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

i remember seeing the first half of this program a few years ago. seeing how Luke and Sam struggled just to enjoy each others company.
seeing how Sam and Luke grew emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, physically proves IF we allow our Savior to have our lives we can achieve our positive goals.
i look forward to seeing Luke's mission on video and where these brother's start their new chapters in their lives.
Luke and Sam, thank you for allowing us be apart of your lives

Impactful documentary for LDS families
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I saw a sneak preview of this film last week. Awesome documentary of two LDS kids and the struggles/triumphs in their lives. Loved the unvarnished look at high school life as LDS teens trying to reach their goals and keep their standards. Very impactful and moving film made by non-LDS filmmaker. The footage from the older boy's (Sam) mission captured the essence of missionary life - hard as heck but incredibly rewarding. Found myself very self-reflective as I watched from perspective of son, brother, and father. The Church needs more films like this IMO that shows real people choosing faith when faced with significant adversity. Very faith-promoting!

Honest and riveting
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is a beautifully told story that resonates with adults and children alike. It is honest and touching without ever being preachy or manipulative. As an active Mormon, I love the fact that it was made by a non-member. Being a mother of sons it especially rings true to me on so many levels. I just watched it and can't wait for the rest of my family to see it. I am a young women's president and I want all of the young men and young women in my ward to see it as well. As far as I know, there has never been a camera allowed to follow a young elder around in his day to day mission experience. Great, great film!

Inspiring Documentary!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I had the chance to get a sneak preview of this documentary and was delighted with the final result. I am the aunt to the two brothers featured in the film and even though I knew the outcomes of their stories I still found myself on the edge of my seat with suspense. The documentary chronicles the lives of these two boys for over a decade, and gives the viewer rare opportunity to see the growth, maturity and challenges faced during their youth and coming of age years.
It was interesting for me to be able to see what direction their lives would take based on the choices they made. I really enjoyed how thoughtful and intentional their decisions regarding faith were. The film is very realistic in showing the day to day struggles and triumphs of being a missionary. I also appreciated that both brother hard their own hard-fought battles, but through each trial came their inspiring epiphanies about charity, love and forgiveness. This would be a great addition to any DVD library. It is one that will impress and interest parents and kids, as well as member of the LDS church and non-members alike.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I saw the movie premiere last week. LOVED it! My teenage daughter loved it even more. I just ordered 3 copies and will be purchasing more for Christmas. Finally, reality in it's purest form and with an inspirational message!! Sincere, raw, heartwarming, hopeful, and entertaining. I can't wait for more 5000 Days!

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