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Treasure or Traitor?
By , Submitted on 2018-02-09

Wanda Luce has written a book called A DANGEROUS AFFECTION. I greatly enjoyed this book.

Anne Fitzroy is the daughter of a British Earl and the ambassador to the Austrian court who has fallen prey to a plot in which the ambassador is framed and accused of betraying Austrian troops and British spies to the French in the Battle of Ulm. When the ambassador discovers and seeks to expose the plot, he is assassinated and his daughter, Anne is implicated in the plot as the person most likely to have hidden the truth to save her father. Unless she uncovers the secret plans and exposes the real traitors, she could hang or be transported to Australia by the Crown or be killed to shut her up.

Anne and her sister become the targets of some vicious gossip and Anne fears she will face being a spinster, not only because of the blot on her character, but because she's considered a bluestocking. I applaud her courage and daring in trying to uncover the truth.

One of her greatest detractors, Nicholas, the Earl of de Rothesay has already made up his mind that Anne, along with her ambassador father, are traitors before they even meet. He is convinced she lied to protect her father when, it is rumored, he allowed the English spies (his brother one of them) to be exposed and executed. He comes to believe that Anne, at least, has been framed and is being stalked by a murderer who wishes to silence her forever to keep her from exposing the plot to betray Austria to the French. Anne is in a deadly race to discover the true traitors and those who wish to find her father's buried trove, before the news of the family's disgrace hits the newspapers.

This book appealed to me on several levels. Ms. Luce has done some exhaustive research on the speech, dress, habits, problems, and happenings of the Regency era, putting us directly in the cross hairs with Anne.

I would have liked some problems to be addressed in a better time frame. She should have made provisions for her sister to be safe. She should have suspected the person with a penchant for torture first. She shouldn't have assumed she was safe going to a fair in London. And she maybe should have demanded a much better apology from Roth, whether he was handsome and a great kisser or not. However, none of these things dimmed my relishing of this book.

In this suspenseful tale full of intrigue and romance, Anne has the guts to go out and do her own sleuthing, regardless of the considerable danger to her and her sister. In spite of the abuse she endures at the hands of those who want her family's money and to ruin her father, she pushes on to clear the family name. She convinces one of her greatest detractors that not only is she being truthful, but her father is as well.

I give this book Five out of Five Austrian Kreutzers ($)

Thumbs Up!
By , Submitted on 2018-02-05

I really liked the story and plot, especially the peril that the main character, Ann Fitzroy, finds herself in, and how she works to get herself out of it. She is a strong woman who seeks to restore her father’s reputation. The novel has a villain that I grew to hate, and a good guy that I grew to admire. There were plenty of moments when I was intrigued and entertained. The first chapters drew me right in, and kept my interest. It was the kind of fiction I love, and I would recommend it to anyone. The author really knows her stuff—well-researched. Thumbs up!

Compelling Regency romance
By , Submitted on 2018-02-05

It seems to Lady Anne Fitzroy that her world is about to end. The wars that pitted the French First Republic against Britain, Austria, and several other monarchies (1792–1802) are over, but a crucial aftermath haunts Anne. Her father, who served as Britain’s envoy and minister to the Austrian court, has not only been murdered by unknown assassins, but his reputation is being slandered. The novel’s villain—Lord Dacre—makes a first chapter appearance to declare that her father accepted a twenty-thousand-pound bribe to disclose information that caused the death of thousands of British soldiers. And that Anne has been guilty of protecting him with a legion of lies, and for that she will be banished from England. Anne is determined to not only save herself, but to unmask the killers and discredit the bribery charges. Anne needs help. She hopes it will come in the form of Nicholas Beckett, Earl of Rothesay. But not so fast. The earl also believes that her father took the bribe. The stage is set for a fast-moving tale of intrigue, chaos, secrets, and surprises. But, don’t get me wrong. The stage is also set for a compelling Regency romance, and that is the main focus of the novel.

Wanda Luce works her magic again!
By , Submitted on 2018-01-05

In Wanda Luce’s new novel, A Dangerous Affection, Nicholas Beckett, the Earl of de Rothesay has been driven for months by one purpose—to prove Lady Anne Fitzroy’s father a traitor responsible for his brother’s death. When Anne returns to England after her father’s murder, she is as driven as Nicholas to prove her father’s innocence and clear his name. When Anne and Nic meet and match their wills, sparks fly. But are all the sparks fueled by anger?

Anne is an intelligent, courageously strong woman who will disregard the Regency Period’s social protocol to reinstate her father’s good name and protect her family. She is also a beauty, with gardenia-like skin hard for a young man to ignore . . . even Nic. With a physique as powerful as his determination and as strong as his character, Nic is well sought after by female society. Even Anne can’t evade the effects of his masculine scent—musk and orange with a hint of cinnamon. When these two bold characters set out to defy each other, a battle ensues matched only by the inner battle each fights against their ever-increasing attraction for the other.

Luce works her magic once again in A Dangerous Affection by treating the reader to a Pride and Prejudice-like experience of watching Anne and Nic, at once enemies, find compassion and understanding for each other. When Anne and her family are threatened by her father’s accusations, she and Nic join forces to uncover the truth, whatever it may be, and solve a riveting, heart-thumping mystery. Will romance follow? Curl up with this beautifully written and engaging story and find out!

A Dangerous Affection
By , Submitted on 2017-12-17

Lady Anne has integrity and unflinching courage, but if she can not prove her father's innocence she, and her sister, despite their beauty, refinement, and innocence will be shunned and outcast from English society. Luce's story carries intrigue and suspense, while imbuing her story with the language and atmosphere of the Regency Period. A Dangerous Affection is a great read for those who enjoy the period, but are tired of sappy wanna be Austin-styled stories.