A Dangerous Affection

by Wanda Luce

Dangerous affection

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Lady Anne Fitzroy, daughter of an ambassador to the Austrian court, returns to England after her father is murdered. Soon, rumors circulate that he committed an act of treason leading to the deaths of thousands of Austrian soldiers. Well‑known for her close assistance to her father, Anne is pressed by more than one zealot to divulge what she knows about his supposedly traitorous designs. One of these men is Nicholas Beckett, the Earl of de Rothesay, who holds Anne’s father responsible for the betrayal of his brother to the French as a spy.

Lord de Rothesay’s fierce effort to prove Anne’s father’s guilt is matched only by her passionate determination to prove her father’s innocence. De Rothesay’s prejudice draws her deep resentment and catapults them into a scrimmage of accusation and mistrust. But eventually, with Anne facing charges as an accomplice to treason, she and de Rothesay must join forces in a pact to uncover the truth about her father. Their joint search carries them into the arms of danger and into a change of heart toward each other that neither dared imagine. Can Anne’s enemy become so much more than her friend?

About the Author

Wanda Luce

Wanda Luce developed a passion for English historical fiction that blossomed in her girlhood as she devoured the works of Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Georgette Heyer, Pamela Aidan, and others. Wanda’s debut Regency romance, Lydia, was published by Walnut Springs Press in 2011. The Soul of a Lady is a revised version of that book. Wanda’s second novel, In the Wilds of Devon, was published in 2015.

Wanda graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in German literature. She currently lives in Bountiful, Utah, with her husband, Darrell, and their dog, Watson—alias Mr. Piddles. Wanda is the mother of two loving sons, Jonathan and David. An avid traveler, she lived in Germany for over a year, exploring castles and strolling down cobblestone streets.

To contact Wanda or learn more about her books, please visit wandaluce.com or wandaluce.blogspot.com.

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Wanda Luce works her magic again!
By , Submitted on 2018-01-05

In Wanda Luce’s new novel, A Dangerous Affection, Nicholas Beckett, the Earl of de Rothesay has been driven for months by one purpose—to prove Lady Anne Fitzroy’s father a traitor responsible for his brother’s death. When Anne returns to England after her father’s murder, she is as driven as Nicholas to prove her father’s innocence and clear his name. When Anne and Nic meet and match their wills, sparks fly. But are all the sparks fueled by anger?

Anne is an intelligent, courageously strong woman who will disregard the Regency Period’s social protocol to reinstate her father’s good name and protect her family. She is also a beauty, with gardenia-like skin hard for a young man to ignore . . . even Nic. With a physique as powerful as his determination and as strong as his character, Nic is well sought after by female society. Even Anne can’t evade the effects of his masculine scent—musk and orange with a hint of cinnamon. When these two bold characters set out to defy each other, a battle ensues matched only by the inner battle each fights against their ever-increasing attraction for the other.

Luce works her magic once again in A Dangerous Affection by treating the reader to a Pride and Prejudice-like experience of watching Anne and Nic, at once enemies, find compassion and understanding for each other. When Anne and her family are threatened by her father’s accusations, she and Nic join forces to uncover the truth, whatever it may be, and solve a riveting, heart-thumping mystery. Will romance follow? Curl up with this beautifully written and engaging story and find out!

A Dangerous Affection
By , Submitted on 2017-12-17

Lady Anne has integrity and unflinching courage, but if she can not prove her father's innocence she, and her sister, despite their beauty, refinement, and innocence will be shunned and outcast from English society. Luce's story carries intrigue and suspense, while imbuing her story with the language and atmosphere of the Regency Period. A Dangerous Affection is a great read for those who enjoy the period, but are tired of sappy wanna be Austin-styled stories.

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