A Fine Gentleman

by Sarah M. Eden


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London barrister Jason Jonquil has spent his entire life working to establish his identity as a gentleman, a man of refinement like his father and brothers. But when fiery Spanish beauty Mariposa Thornton walks into his office, he finds himself losing his grasp on his dignified character. The woman is infuriating, pushing him to the limit of his legendary patience. However, her case seems simple enough—a small matter of inheritance. Or so he believes.

Once a well-born lady, Mariposa fought to survive the brutalities of Napoleon's war on Spain. She braved horrific perils and undertook dangerous missions on behalf of those fighting against the invading French army. But her greatest battle still lies ahead: after being separated from her family, Mariposa sets in motion a plan to reunite with her loved ones in England. To avoid drawing the attention of the French, Mariposa dons a carefully crafted persona to conceal her true purpose.

As Jason and Mariposa are drawn together by the case, they come to know the people beneath the masks they both wear. When the truth of Mariposa's quest is revealed, the couple is pulled into a mystery that will test the limits of their courage—and expose the true desire of their hearts.

About the Author

Sarah M. Eden

SARAH M. EDEN read her first Jane Austen novel in elementary school and has been an Austen addict ever since. Fascinated by the English Regency era, Eden became a regular in that section of the reference department at her local library, where she painstakingly researched this extraordinary chapter in history. Eden is an award-winning author of short stories and was a Whitney Award finalist for her novels Seeking Persephone and Courting Miss Lancaster. Visit her at www.sarahmeden.com.

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Love, Love, Love, this book
By , Submitted on 2017-06-28

It's been over a month since I listened to this book while driving up to Salt Lake from Arizona and I still find myself thinking about this book. I love how clever Ms. Eden is. I don't know how she is able to do it. There are some seriously laugh out loud moments and then there are other times where you find your heart just bleeding for Mariposa. I'm glad I was by myself while I was driving otherwise anybody else would have thought I'd gone mad, laughing and then crying. I love how Mariposa is able to bring Jason out and help him just as much as he helps her, in fact in the end they really save each other. I love books where the characters are stretched and see how much growth has taken place over the course of the book. I loved Mariposa's twitchy grandmother, she hysterical.. If you have the chance to listen to the book I highly suggest you do so. I'm not sure who narrates it but she did a fabulous job speaking Spanish and French, it was amazing. She really brings these characters to life.
If you've not read any of the other books in the series that's ok Ms. Eden gives you just enough of a background on each of the brothers that you don't feel lost. This book is definitely one of my favorites that I have read/heard in quite some time.

A Fine Gentleman
By , Submitted on 2017-04-30

This is truly a charming story of a dispossessed Spaniard enlisting the help of a fine gentleman barrister in locating her lost family. Comical misunderstandings abound as do disguises, some strangely involving vegetables.
While the humor is delightful, Eden imbues this tale with a depth of real human emotion and struggle which allows the reader personal insights as to the strange ways sorrow causes us to respond. She also shows how two seemingly dissimilar people can bring out the best in each other.
Oh, and it doesn't hurt at all that all of the Jonquils make an appearance!

Wonderfully Clean!
By , Submitted on 2017-04-15

I always know Sarah Eden's books are going to be super clean and never regret buying them before I read them.
Delightful story, witty characters and absolutely nothing with which I was uncomfortable.
Thank you Sarah for always delivering beautiful, clean reads!

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