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Fun, short read
By , Submitted on 2017-11-07

I really, really loved this book! The cutest short stories about love and happiness. This is literally my kind of book, short and sweet :) I love romance novels, especially when they are clean novels. Probably why I really like reading Young Adult books too! Mary and Jo’s story is probably my favorite so far. There’s just something about service, genuine love, and a happy ending that makes my heart melt. Okay, but I also REALLY love Mary Ann and Thomas’ love story. Something about it was just soooo perfect. The service, genuine care, and amazing example really lifted my spirits! Loved Beth too, she’s such a cutie a pie. This story also really humbled me and made me realize that I can be grateful for anything!! I should express it often.

Carla Kelley is a really good writer and I’m so glad I had a chance to read and review this book of hers! I’m not familiar with English terms so I’m definitely going to have to keep researching what certain phrases or words mean. Either way, it was a fantastic book! If you are looking for something short, small, simple, and sweet, this is your kind of book! Get it now by clicking the link below!