Adventurers Wanted, Book 1: Slathbog's Gold

by M.L. Forman

Adventurers Wanted, Book 1: Slathbog's Gold

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“The beginning of an epic fantasy series.” — Library Journal

“Entertaining ... The series potential is limitless.” — Booklist

“A fantastic journey . . . The story reminded me of Eragon, yet the reading is easier and quicker. Highly enjoyable, fast-paced, and full of adventure.” —

Do you have the courage, the wits, and the skill to claim a dragon's hoard? If so, apply within . . .

The sign is small, tucked into the corner of Mr. Clutter's bookshop window: “Adventurers Wanted. Apply Within.” No one but fifteen-year-old Alex Taylor even seems to notice it is there. And for Alex, who has wished for a change in his life, it is an irresistible invitation.

Upon entering Mr. Clutter's shop, Alex is swept away on an incredible adventure to a faraway land filled with heroic warriors, mysterious elves, and hard-working dwarves.

Alex becomes the eighth man in a band of adventurers seeking the lair of Slathbog the Red — and evil dragon with a legendary treasure. Along the way, Alex and his new friends must battle dangerous trolls and bandits, face undead wraiths, and seek the wisdom of the Oracle in her White Tower.

Alex's adventure takes him to distant and exotic lands where he learns about courage, integrity, honor, and, most importantly, friendship.

Slathbog's Gold is the first book in an exciting new YA epic fantasy series and heralds the arrival of a major new talent in the genre.

“I loved this book because it has adventure, mystery, fantasy, and awesome action. And the people in it had really cool names. Once you finish you'll be like “ahhhh man, it ended, gosh dang it.” Adventurers Wanted will make your imagination cells tingle!” — Alex, 14

“I loved Adventurers Wanted, Slathbog's Gold! It was every bit as good as Eragon. It was one of those books that you can't stop reading, after the first page I was hooked! M.L. Forman really knows how to write. I loved the way that he used imagery to make the book seem alive. I like this book more than Harry Potter. It was easy to follow and really made me feel like I was in the book. I would like to see this as a series!” — Jordan, 14

“I like to play video games instead of reading. So I really didn't want to read this book but my dad said I had to try it. This book is sweet!!! I stayed up late for three nights like until 1:00 in the morning reading it. My mom kept telling me to go to bed, but I couldn't stop reading it. I can't wait until the next one.” — Steven, 12

“A great storyline that will make your adrenaline skyrocket! The characters and weapons we're awesome! Adventurers Wanted is VERY good!” — Chad, 15

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I loved it!!! I have read this book over ten times!!

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I couldn't stop reading, disobeyed my teacher to read it. I loved it! Once book 2 comes out I'm gonna give me 3 hours for me to read it and finish me.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

M.L. Forman is going to give Brandon Mull and James Dashner a run for the best Young Adult series. Adventurers Wanted: Slathbog's Gold is indeed gold. Alex is a young man looking for a change in his life but little does he know how fast and unexpected that change will be. Forman starts the action right away and doesn't waste any time sucking you into the adventure. The ending is not what this veracious reader expected and it finished off just the way it started-full of excitement and wanting to turn the next page. Great debut novel for Forman and anxiously waiting the next book!!

About the Author

M.L. Forman

M. L. Forman was born and raised in Utah and now resides in the foothills of the western Rockies. He tries to write as much as possible while still attending to his many other hobbies, such as fishing, camping, hiking, and almost anything that will allow him to enjoy the magic of nature. He is also the author of Slathbog's Gold and The Horn of Moran, the first two books int he Adventurers Wanted series.

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