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A surprise
By , Submitted on 2019-05-04

I woke up this morning finding the review of this book in my in-box from Deseret Book. AND it's about my husbands great grandfather and his struggles in the early years of the Church in Austria.
When we Johannes and I were married back in 1984 we spent a little over a year living in Vienna while he finished his music education. I used the time learning German and copying Family History data from the Book of Remembrance.
A lot of the names I copied are found in this book.
I had other plans for the day, but have finally finished reading it.
What is missing: not much, but I miss the story about Johann Huber's great faith. Like the one told by brother Teply (I think it was): Johann Huber was on his way home from town when he was surprised by a heavy snow storm. In a ravine, narrow valley he encountered a inpassable wall of snow. Every time he tried to get out and up he met an overhang of snow or slid down again. Then hen knelt down and prayed: saying "Heavenly Father, I need to get home to my family. If it be your will show me the way out of the snow". When he got up the clouds parted and a sliver of light led the way out of the snow and he came home unharmed.
It's been many years since I read the account, but it has stuck with me. It might not be perfectly remembered, but it is a side of this great man I'm missing a bit in the book.
Thanks for writing it.