Against the Wall: Johann Huber and the First Mormons in Austria

by Roger P. Minert

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Against the Wall is the fascinating and inspiring story of Johann Huber, one of Austria's earliest LDS converts. Huber had already been a controversial political figure in the farming community of Rottenbach, Austria, but he went from the frying pan into the fire when he informed his neighbors of his LDS baptism in Munich, Germany, in 1900. For the next decade, he weathered relentless persecution from Catholic clerics, neighbors, the local public school, courts, and government officials. Despite attacks from determined opponents, Huber was extraordinarily loyal to his adoptive faith and played a leading role in the foundation and expansion of the LDS Church in Austria. His descendants number more than 430 and live in many lands.

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PublishedDeseret Book and RSC BYU 2015

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Roger P. Minert

Roger P. Minert served in the West German Mission and earned a BA in German from BYU. He earned an MA in German literature and a PhD in German language history from Ohio State University. After teaching German at the high school and college level, he joined the faculty of BYU as an associate professor of Church History and Doctrine. The author of many articles and books on German pedagogy and family history, he recently published a book on the East German Saints in World War II entitled In Harm's Way. Roger and his wife, Jeanne, live in Provo, Utah.

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A surprise
By , Submitted on 2019-05-04

I woke up this morning finding the review of this book in my in-box from Deseret Book. AND it's about my husbands great grandfather and his struggles in the early years of the Church in Austria.
When we Johannes and I were married back in 1984 we spent a little over a year living in Vienna while he finished his music education. I used the time learning German and copying Family History data from the Book of Remembrance.
A lot of the names I copied are found in this book.
I had other plans for the day, but have finally finished reading it.
What is missing: not much, but I miss the story about Johann Huber's great faith. Like the one told by brother Teply (I think it was): Johann Huber was on his way home from town when he was surprised by a heavy snow storm. In a ravine, narrow valley he encountered a inpassable wall of snow. Every time he tried to get out and up he met an overhang of snow or slid down again. Then hen knelt down and prayed: saying "Heavenly Father, I need to get home to my family. If it be your will show me the way out of the snow". When he got up the clouds parted and a sliver of light led the way out of the snow and he came home unharmed.
It's been many years since I read the account, but it has stuck with me. It might not be perfectly remembered, but it is a side of this great man I'm missing a bit in the book.
Thanks for writing it.

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