Alexander Campbell and Joseph Smith 19th Century Restorationists

by Roseann Benson

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This book takes a balanced look at Campbell's and Smith's efforts to restore primitive Christianity, including what restoration meant to both groups - their beliefs, their interactions with each other, their similarities, their differences, and their unique contributions to Christianity.

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Roseann Benson

RoseAnn Benson is a former adjunct professor in community and public health at Utah Valley University and was previously an adjunct professor of ancient scripture and Church history and doctrine at Brigham Young University. She has published research on restoration movements in the peer-reviewed Journal of Mormon History, Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, Religious Educator, and academic books. She has presented at the BYU Church History Symposium, BYU Easter Conference, BYU Religious Education Student Symposium, Mormon History Association conference, John Whitmer Historical Association conference, and Sidney B. Sperry Symposium. She has a PhD from Southern Illinois in community and school health with an emphasis in nutrition. She has an MA from BYU in ancient Near Eastern studies with an emphasis in religious education and an MS in exercise science with a minor in health science. She has also been a head women’s swimming and diving coach at several NCAA Division I universities.

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