by David Butler

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"What do you believe?" The stranger yelled as he grabbed my hand.

There I was. The stage was set. I was up to bat. This was the opportunity I had been trained for, right? The made-up scenario from seminary that was now actually happening. My missionary moment. My mind raced but all I could focus on was, "What DID I believe?"

The Articles of Faith, our quick go-to for what we believe, starts at number one with faith in "God the Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost." But what does that mean for us today, walking down the halls at school or out on the field? Who is God exactly? What does He look like and sound like? What does Deity mean to me? Some of our most foundational doctrines surround the character of God and our relationship with Him. But who exactly is He? Does He know me? Can I know Him?

This book is designed to help you discover the answers to those questions and more. Grab a pen or a pencil, get ready to do some creative thinking, and come closer to God the Father by learning about His identity, His character, and—most important—how He feels about you.

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Audiobook NarratorDavid Butler
Audiobook ISBN9781629724553
Audiobook RuntimeApprox. 3.25 hours
Audiobook Discs3
Size5 x 8
PublishedDeseret Book 2018

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David Butler

David Butler is by day a religious educator sharing his fierce love for the scriptures with anyone willing to listen. By night he is a fort builder, waffle maker, sports coach, and storyteller for his six darling kids. Somewhere in between, he is a motivational speaker and writer. He loves, loves, loves good food, spontaneous adventures, Christmas morning, the first day of summer, and every other day of summer. Above all he loves people. He has chosen as his life motto, "Stuff no mattah. People mattah." He and his adorable wife Jenny, live with their family amid the snowcapped peaks of the Mountain West, but they often dream of a beach house on a sunny shore somewhere.

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By , Submitted on 2018-10-11

This book is wonderful! It is directed towards teens, but even adults can enjoy it. It is good to be reminded of such powerful truths and the nature of God. I absolutely loved this book and would give it 10 stars if I could. I believe one of the most important truths teenagers need to know are who God is, what his nature and purpose and mission are, and most importantly, how much He loves us! This book is a must for teens! I would also recommend it for adults as well. The audio book is perfect! The author narrorates it in a captivating way that would appeal to a teenage audience. Now that I am done with the audio book I want to go back and get the physical book to study it again. The physical book has questions and challenges and areas to take notes so it is perfect for studying and keeping notes and impressions. I loved this! I hope to see more books from the author in the future!

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