Ammon and Alma the Younger (2 Pack Set)

by Living Scriptures

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Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Animated Book of Mormon™ with all-new remastered classics, Ammon and Alma The Younger on DVD. The vibrant color and sharp details of the original hand-painted cels are captured in all-new digital restorations with expanded widescreen picture and surround sound. A new generation will experience the spirit of The Book of Mormon with these treasured Living Scriptures movies like they've never been seen before.

Buy Ammon and get Alma the Younger DVD FREE BY MAIL using the call-in redemption code inside the case. Only the case is included for Alma the Younger, not the disc.

Colorful and engaging, the scriptures come to life in these animated DVDs the entire family will enjoy!

Ammon: Mission to the Lamanites - Ammon, one of the sons of Mosiah, forsakes kingship to become a missionary to the enemy of his people, the Lamanites. His faithful example opens the door to preach to King Lamoni, bringing many to repentance and conversion.

Alma the Younger - Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah rebel and work to destroy the church of God. They are later visited by an angel who strikes Alma the Younger as if he were dead. He later awakes a new person, converted by the mercy of Jesus Christ.

  • All-new Digital Restorations
  • Adventure Quizzes,
  • Scripture Verses,
  • Sing-Alongs,
  • Complete English and Spanish Programs
  • Plus More!

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Need for review of 2-1 offer for other countries!!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Great movie. However, poor service as I am In New Zealand and cannot get the second DVD for free. I would be happy to pay for it but no choice. Perhaps Desert book should think more about the customers outside the US.

Why can't we buy them individually??
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I love this animation. I watched this soooo many times on a Sunday afternoon as a youngster. This was by far our favourite. I just wish we could purchase them individually! I live in Australia so am not able to call up and get the free Alma the Younger DVD. Quite frustrating. My children see the empty case & complain that there's no DVD inside it!

When will be be able to purchase ALL the animated scripture DVDs on a continual basis? Seems like they appear, then they disappear before I get a chance to purchase any :-(

Even better than I remembered
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Grandma used to put these on the vhs video player when we were kids and we'd watch over and over. Now 20 years later our kids get to watch Book of Mormon videos like we did though with a lot better picture and sound. Ammon is a great story for helping us remember our mission experiences as well as for kids to imagine what mission adventures will come in the future! (Oh I hope their missions are not as dangerous as Ammon's. hahaha)

The quizzes are a fun extra to get. My littlest son loved answering all of the questions for himself instead of reading the scripture hints or watching the video clips. But those helps are there to use if you want. It seems like Living Scriptures went to a lot of effort to make these dvd's point to the actual scriptures even more than the video tapes did. Of course some of the story is fictionalized, but you still feel the spirit of the real scripture story.

It's nice to be able to buy these at the store instead of from sales people in the malls or coming to my door. Good price, too.

I wish you didn't have to call in to get the second Alma the Younger movie. It would be a lot nicer if they just included it, but they were friendly when taking our information.

I also wish they had these as bluray instead of dvd, but I admit I care more about that stuff than my kids. I don't know anyway how much more I'd pay for bluray's since these are like a half hour long. Our kids like these dvd's. We hope they watch as many times as I did.

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