Ann Romney: A Mother First Booklet

by Josh Romney


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You’ve met Ann Romney in the public spotlight— now get to know her in a more personal setting! In this loving tribute, Josh Romney shares behind-the- scenes glimpses into his mother’s life experiences, from being courted by Mitt and joining the Church to raising five boys and facing the challenges of chronic illness. While Ann’s talents have enabled her to play a pivotal role in her husband’s political career as well as meet her own individual goals, she has always been a mother first, and she inspires women both in and out of the LDS faith to follow her example.

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Josh Romney

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

We have heard a lot about Mitt Romney lately...

Now, son Josh Romney, pays tribute to his mother, Ann Romney.

You can feel his love for her as he describes:
her courtship to Mitt
her conversion story
her marriage
her raising 5 sons
her defending the role of homemaker
her battle with Multiple Sclerosis
her winning silver and gold medals

To some she is know as Mrs. Mitt Romney
To some she is know as Ann Romney

To 5 boys she is know as MOM :)

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