Apostle Paul: His Life and His Testimony, 1994 Sperry Symposium on the New Testament

by Paul Y. Hoskisson

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Product Description

The Sperry Symposium is sponsored annually by Brigham Young University and the Church Educational System. Named in honor of the late Dr. Sidney B. Sperry, who, in the course of his forty-year career, left an enduring legacy of commitment to research and faith in the Restored Gospel. The symposium seeks to perpetuate his memory by fostering continuing research on gospel topics.

The 1994 collection of papers presented at the symposium discussed the life and ministry of Paul the Apostle. The contributors bring new insight into the New Testament, the majority of which was comprised of Paul's epistles and teachings.

Chapters include topics such as:

  • Paul's Witness to Early History of Jesus' Ministry
  • Paul's Earnest Pursuit of Spiritual Gifts
  • An Hebrew of the Hebrews
  • Paul's Language and Thought
  • The Jerusalem Counsel

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