Band Camp on the Eleventh Planet


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Colin Hammer is chosen to go to a prestigious band camp in Germany, but that’s the last thing he wants to do. He would rather stay home with his friends and not miss ball games than go halfway across the world to a place he hasn’t even heard of. But when he arrives at the band camp, he finds there’s a different reason he’s there, and he is soon whisked away to a different planet. With his newfound friends, Colin must navigate his way through a new world and find a way back home.

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By , Submitted on 2017-09-17

The authors imagination and her capability for writing stories when young, shows her still amazing ability in writing this book. It's not just good, but perfect!
For all readers. You will LOVE it!

Fun and Exciting Story!
By , Submitted on 2017-05-23

This book was very well written and kept me entertained throughout every chapter. The characters are so fun and lovable, especially Simon. The story line is captivating and creative. I dreaded putting the book down and I enjoyed every minute of it. As a reader you are taken on a journey to a world unlike any other. The author uses terrific imagery allowing the reader to perfectly envision every scene and detail. My 8 year old also read this book and did it in less than a week because she loved it so much.

Musicians Rejoice!
By , Submitted on 2017-05-18

As a girl who spent her youth in many music classes, I was excited to see a book that had the words, "Band Camp" on the cover.... you don't see that very often. I was surprised to find that this book contained a fun adventure that even a 40-something year old mom could find compelling. The characters in this adventure are relatable and seem like familiar friends almost immediately... perhaps that's because they are so reminiscent of the characters in my school music classes!

I'm excited for my daughters to read this book. Thank you for such a fun fantasy adventure that musicians of all ages will rejoice over!

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