Band of Sisters

by Annette Lyon

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When the war on terror calls their husbands to duty, five LDS women are left behind to fight battles of their own: Kim, newlywed and pregnant, frightened of what the future might bring. Brenda, struggling to manage three unruly boys and a crippling bout of depression. Jessie, secretly grappling with mixed feelings about her emotionally abusive husband. Marianne, wrestling with a rebellious teenage daughter. And Nora, the seasoned Army wife with perfect hair, an immaculate home — and an ill-tempered mother dying of cancer.

Knowing the separation of deployment is extremely difficult, Nora gathers the wives every week to share lunches and burdens. In good company, they worry over safety in the field and stability at home and offer one another counsel and comfort. But as their personal crises build, each woman faces the risks of forming deep bonds of trust. And when tragedy strikes, they must confront the painful realities of war that pull families apart and bring friends together as sisters.

Paperback: 6" x 9", 288 pages
Book on CD: Unabridged, 7 CDs

About the Author

Annette Lyon

Annette Lyon, the 2007 Best of State medalist for fiction in Utah, has been writing for most of her life. While she’s found success in magazine and business writing, her true passion is fiction. She graduated cum laude from BYU with a BA in English. She served on the Utah Valley chapter board for the League of Utah Writers for three years, including one as president.

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(based upon 8 reviews)

outstanding and soo realistic!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This novel was very real ans touching for me. Given on loan to me from a dear military friend of mine, I dove into it. We had both finished a year long deployment with our husbands and on on the "aftermath" of it now. When I read this book, I laughed, cried and ached over and over because "we do get it" The characters were moving and realistic. I could very much relate to them--each of them and have experinced many of what they went through. WE just need a sequel to get us through now. It is fantastic--so grab a box of tissues! :)

An Incredible Read!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Band of Sisters was an incredible read. Very thought provoking, poignant, and emotional. Excellent job, Annette Lyon!

A real book about real women. Loved it!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I've never previously read anything by this author so I wasn't sure if I would like it when I bought it. Fortunately, I absolutely loved this book! I read it in a day and couldn't put it down, everyone had pb&j for dinner that night. I am really hoping that Annette will be able to make this a series of books, I can't wait to find out how reentry goes for the guys and their families.

Finally a book about real women dealing with real issues! I'm glad that LDS fiction is getting better and focusing on relationships and not so much on the getting married part nowadays. Needless to say I'm a new fan because of this book. Great job Annette!

Former Military Spouse - Impressed
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Even though my husband was never deployed to a combat area, he was gone TDY at length a few times. The author of this book did the research and "got" the idea of what happens during a deployment. Some of the characters biggest gripes were my biggest gripes when my husband was gone and the characters successfully worked through them. One was ward members and leaders constantly asking "How do you survive?" These characters found help by bonding with those who were "in the same boat" rather than well meaning members who didn't get it. Love how realistic it is and, like several others, hope to see a sequel because the families coming back together and adjusting is a whole other story.

A story every woman can relate to.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Band of Sisters is a story of friendship and love at their best. While the five women in this story are dealing with the deployment of their husbands, they are also faced with many other issues most women encounter at some point or another in their lives. I saw a little of myself in each of them and drew courage from the way they dealt with their trials. And though this story did make me cry, ultimately it left me grateful for the friendships I have and inspired to be a better friend myself. I feel like I know the characters personally, and I sincerely hope the author will consider writing a sequel.

Beautiful book and wonderful read!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I couldn't put this book down! I had to keep reading it until I was finished because I had to know what happened with these characters in the end. This book is about five characters whose husbands are deployed to Afghanistan. These women get together weekly to support each other and talk about how hard it is to be going through deployment. It made me see the families of our heroic soldiers a little differently, and made me much more sensitive to the emotions and feelings they may have. I enjoyed this book so, so much. I think everyone should read it!

Loved, loved, loved this story!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Not only was it well written, well paced, and interesting--but I really felt educated about the family impact made when soldiers go to war. I loved that the bond of the women was a reflection of the bond established by the men serving together half a world away. I also appreciated that Lyon didn't choose perfect women, each of them had their weaknesses but we could see them each working so hard to get through this. It also wasn't cliche--they weren't five women simply struggling, one of them was actually relieved to have her husband gone which created a great deal of reflection for her about her marriage. I very much feel like this story represents the 'truth' and I'm a better person with a greater understanding for having read it.

Fantastic read!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Five women come together after their husbands are deployed. In this heart-felt novel, author Annette Lyon explores the joys, the angst, and the closeness that these women feel as they become true sisters. Together, they can survive anything. A fabulous and timely read. (hoping for a sequel)

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