A Banner is Unfurled, Vol. 5: No Greater Love

by Marcie Gallacher, Kerri Robinson


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November 1838: The scattered members of the Johnson family struggle to survive the upheaval that somes in the wake of Governor Boggs's extermination order, fighting disease and poverty, and persecution and chastisement even as they and the other faithful Saints mourn the plight of the imprisoned Prophet and fear his imminent martyrdom. Back in Kirtland, Johnson family patriarch Ezekiel battles alcoholism and his conflicting emotions of bitterness toward Mormonism and love for his family. This culmination to the epic tale of this family illustrated the resilience and redemptive healing power of love—the complex yet enduring love between husbands and wives, parents and children, and a Prophet and his people—and the love of a Savior, whose own sacrifice marks the path for us all. In witnessing Ezekiel's life decisions and their impact on his posterity, we grasp the promise that those who sow righteously shall reap joy.

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About the Authors

Marcie Gallacher

Marcie Gallacher, a graduate of Brigham Young University, has written four previous novels: Amaryllis Lilies, Fixed Stars, Whispers of Hope, and Homeward. Her publication credits include an article in the Ensign and stories in the New Era and Friend. She resides in Wilton, California, with her husband, Gary. They have four children: teenagers Brett and Michelle, who live at home with them; Matt, who is living in Provo, Utah; and Jamie, who is married to Jordan Cline. Her greatest joy is the time spent with her family, including her parents, Tal and LaRae Huber. She is also passionate about her stubborn horse, Dobbin; her rambunctious golden retriever, Rusty; and her perfect cats, Lancelot and Midnight. Marcie hopes to be a grandma someday!

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Kerri Robinson

Kerri Robinson, also a graduate of Brigham Young University, is a licensed clinical social worker. She is currently working part-time as a psychotherapist. She has also published in this field of study, including and article in Helping and Healing Our Families: Principles and Practices inspired by "The Family: A Proclamation to the World." Researching and writing, being a grandma, and attending BYU football games are her present passions. She and her husband, Brent, who live in Alpine, Utah, became empty nesters this year and treasure the time they spend with their blended family.

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Adds a indepth understanding of the lives of the early saints.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I am biased as I am a descendent of Joel Hills Johnson and George Washington Johnson. I found all five volumes very good reading and added to my understanding of the trials, joys and challenges facing these wonderful ancestors. For those that enjoyed "The Work and the Glory" series - this is in the same line. I found I was anxiously awaiting the next book.

I would recommend it for any ancestor - but it would be a good read for anyone.

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