Be Happy

by Hank Smith

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You can be happy—solidly, genuinely happy—no matter what's going on around you, no matter what happens to you, no matter what storm comes along to batter and bruise you.

Keep reading, and I'll show you how ...

Face it: it's not always easy to feel happy. With all of the worries and trials of day-to-day life, the cares of the world can seem overwhelming. But as popular speaker and author Hank Smith demonstrates, no matter your circumstances, you can be happy—the kind of happy that illuminates you from the inside out, a joy that does not depend on what happens to you, but what you do with what happens. With his characteristic humor, Hank offers readers a fresh perspective on finding joy in the journey with a collection of tools and strategies designed to inspire genuine happiness, such as:

  • Learning to develop an optimistic outlook
  • Understanding how to deal with feelings of depression
  • Mastering ten simple tricks to jump-start your joy each day

Featuring an inspiring collection of real-life examples, enlightening doctrinal direction, and motivating goals, Be Happy is the guide you need to start living a happier life, today!

About the Author

Hank Smith

Hank Smith teaches in the Religious Education Department at BYU and is a favorite speaker for Especially for Youth, Best of Especially for Youth, and BYU Education Week. Hank and his wife, Sara, were both born and raised in St. George, Utah. They are the parents of one daughter and two sons. Brother Smith enjoys running marathons and eating lots and lots of ice cream (which is why he runs marathons). More than anything else, he loves being at home spending all day with his wife and children.

For more information visit Hank Smith's Fan Page on Facebook.

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By , Submitted on 2019-05-13

I just started reading this and it’s so uplifting even to a 11 year old. It been helping me be happy in a unhappy world. I also love Hank Smiths talks they are funny but also you learn from them too. I give this 5 stars. Oh and by the way I’m 11😝

Great book!
By , Submitted on 2018-08-05

One might think this is the typical "Being happy is simple! Here's how!" type of book. But I just didn't get that feeling. Sure he laid out different ideas for the choice to be happy but there are also examples of others and their choice to be happy (including the trials that got them there).

I'm grateful for the scripture references because I will now remember these things as I read my scriptures. Brother Smith is definitely a happy soul but don't think for a second he isn't mindful of those who may struggle a bit.

Chapter four was a really good chapter and gave me plenty of things to think about. But my most favorite part of the book is the second-to-last chapter on depression. Most "be happy" books will lightly touch that others may have a harder time "choosing" to be happy but here's how you can still choose to be happy despite mental health. Brother Smith explains depression the entire chapter. Not once does he try to overlook the real struggle that comes with depression. He explains it in such a way that really encourages you to understand exactly what depression IS so that next you tell someone to just "snap out of it," you might hold your tongue instead.

I thought it was very well written out and I related to so many things in this book. I even have some ideas of new things to try on being happier! Thanks Brother Smith!

By , Submitted on 2017-09-02

I initially bought this book to help me with the pregnancy funk I'm in. I've just started reading it and so far I love it!! I recommend it to everyone including those hormonal teenagers. Be Happy is life changing!

Fantastic book, ordering a copy for everyone
By , Submitted on 2017-03-20

As someone who has spent a life battling depression formally and informally, I was delighted with this book. First let me say that depression does require medical treatment and Hank does a great job explaining that. But sometimes when the depression is cured or managed we keep "unhappy" behaviors, and so the information in this book is a wonderful tool. This book is a great read or listen for anyone wanting more happiness in their life, or wanting to learn how to enjoy life more. I am ordering one for every family member. That is how good it is. My only disappointment was the audio book is a professional reader and not Hank himself. He is such a great speaker I would have loved for him to have read it for the audiobook.

Inspiring with lots of great ideas.
By , Submitted on 2017-03-02

Happiness is a topic of perennial interest since it's something that most of us seek. But what exactly is happiness? And how do we attain it? And how can we get it to stick around for awhile? These are all questions that Hank Smith tackles in his newest book: Be Happy. Using stories of real people he knows as well as personal experiences and actual research, Smith takes the reader on a trip through the subject of happiness. I especially enjoyed the conversational tone that the author takes, it made me feel as if we were just having an honest discussion. There isn't a lot here that is new, after all the Lord has made it clear through His prophets and the scriptures what sorts of qualities and choices lead to happiness. But somehow it's nice to have a lot of this information presented in such a friendly, down-to-earth way. Some of the things he discusses I know I am particularly bad at doing, and yet Smith doesn't make you feel guilty, just a greater desire to do better, to focus more on the most important things. While the book is a relatively short, quick read, I can guarantee that you will have much to ponder once you've read it.

How to Make Your Happy DNA Work For You!
By , Submitted on 2017-03-02

I love the study of optimism, happiness, and the psychology of our choices vs. our body in the happiness battle. So this book was right in line with what I love to study.
When the book arrived, it promptly disappeared because my husband, the guy who loves to tease me by saying, "I read 100 books a year--100 picture books to the kids. What? Those count!"--yes, that guy, took my book and started reading it. He loved it and reached the halfway point before I told him that I needed it back so I could read it.
Then my teenage daughter found the book and she was intrigued as well. I guess this book has something magnetic about it.
Hank Smith is a popular teacher, speaker, and author. I've listened to several of his audio presentations and the man is hilarious! He teaches with wit, humor, and skill because he's able to bring important points to attention without feeling like you're being preached to.
I once had the opportunity of doing a book signing with Hank and he was just as cheerful in real life as on the page or the audio CD. In short, I'm a fan of Hank because he's real and an excellent teacher. It's so refreshing as a parent when you can find someone else to say all of those great things you need to say to your kid because, let's face it, sometimes kids hear things better from someone else. I'd like to be able to choose that someone else and Hank Smith is one of many great influencers in my home.

Be Happy is an excellent book because Hank delves into happiness in a way that most of don't think about. Happiness is in our DNA, but that's only half of the equation. Happiness is also a choice that we make every day, despite our circumstances. I love the study he referred to about people who won the lottery and people who became paraplegic. A year later, they both reported the same level of happiness! Isn't that amazing? If it does sound amazing, then you'll probably like this book. It is geared to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, or Mormons, but I truly think these gems shouldn't be missed by anyone. Happy reading!

Great book for everyone to read! Who doesn't want to be happier?
By , Submitted on 2017-03-01

I loved this book! And don't you just want to smile when you see the cover???

I love the way this author writes. He is easy to understand without seeming preachy. I love the way he uses scientific studies, scriptural accounts and the words of the living apostles and prophets to really give the reader the best possible picture of why we are happy when we are and what kinds of things we can do to become even more happy.

He also tackles tough topics like patience (or the lack thereof in my case) and depression. I love the way he talks about changing yourself so you have more patience (something I need to work on) and he recognizes that you can't just wish yourself out of depression. Sometimes you just need to get some help.

This is a great book for everyone to read! I for one, can't wait to try some of his ideas in our home so that we can all be happier!

Happiness in an uncertain world.
By , Submitted on 2017-02-28

You can't go wrong with anything by Hank Smith. This man uses humor and facts to teach. He is so positive and his approach is fantastic. Am I gushing a bit? Yes, I would say that I am. (He was my son's seminary teacher in high school. I have nothing that isn't positive to say about him.)

How can you be happy? This world is full of turmoil and strife. Hank Smith gives solid, practical advice on how one can truly be happy. He uses scientific data to teach. Guess what? Things do not make you happy. Happiness comes from within. Money doesn't make you happy either. All of the things that we think will bring happiness is just "stuff".

I really cannot give this book a higher recommendation. Once again, I will be trying to share this one with my family. (Wish me luck.)

By , Submitted on 2017-02-28

So many proven helps are given in this book with inspiring stories to illustrate the point. We can all be a little more happy, a little more patient, and a little more optimistic. This book will also help you be a little less contentious, a little less frustrated, and a little less critical.
Let this book change your outlook and change your heart.
Everyone needs to read this book!

Positive and Inspiring
By , Submitted on 2017-02-27

Are you happy today? I sure am! I'll tell you why. I just read Hank Smith's new book which is awesome for me because I am a Hank Smith fan. He is my best long car ride friend because he has fantastic talks on CD and every time we set off on a road trip, I take him along to entertain, motivate and inspire me (and my kids by default as they are usually with me. Trapped. Just kidding- they love to listen to Hank Smith too. He always makes us laugh.) I was so happy to see he had a book coming out. This sure seems like a good idea for a guy like Hank Smith! Yay!

This book sounds just like Hank Smith. I like that. The humor and excitement I am used to in his CD's was also present in this book. It's like I could hear him talking. 

I like to think that generally speaking I am a happy person but there is always, always room for improvement, right? This book is full of good ideas and information on how to find, develop, and cultivate that real and lasting happiness we are all craving. None of the ideas here shocked me or surprised me, but instead, served as a good reminder. Sometimes life has a way of dealing you crummy things- sometimes all at once. Like pouring rain. The trick is to know how to be happy from the inside out and not depend on outside events or sources to bring happiness. This book is positive and well, happy. :) You just cannot go wrong reading or listening to anything by Hank Smith.

This book is an LDS non- fiction book. There are religious references throughout.

-I received a copy of this book from the publisher. A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

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