Becoming One: Intimacy in Marriage

by Robert F. Stahmann, Wayne R. Young, Julie G. Grover

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Beyond the excitement of building a life together lies the reality that the quality of a marriage relationship is built upon physical and emotional intimacy. Too many couples begin in ignorance, not understanding their own needs or those of the person they love. Countless studies have shown that this can lead to problems and conflicts over the sexual aspects of marriage that may contribute to unhappiness and even divorce. How much better to establish a basis for open communication, unselfishness, and love by learning the facts about the differing sexual, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of men and women. Written from an LDS perspective, Becoming One offers frank, easy-to-understand information that can keep married couples on the path to a happy, fulfilling relationship--one that will serve them well throughout all the stages of their married lives.


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