Becoming One

by Tom Christofferson

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Product Description

Join Tom Christofferson — author of the new book That We May Be One and self-proclaimed ‘Happy Gay Mormon' — as he discusses his journey back to the Church along with his former Stake President, Dave Checketts, and his former Bishop, Bruce Larson. In a panel discussion moderated by Ruth Todd, the three men each explain their experiences and perspectives on this challenging issue.

About the Author

Tom Christofferson

Tom Christofferson has spent his career in investment management and asset servicing, living in the United States and Europe. He has served as a director on corporate and nonprofit boards and was a founding board member of Encircle, a group providing resources to support LGBTQ individuals and their families in Provo, Utah. Tom is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and serves as a Gospel Doctrine teacher in his Salt Lake City Ward. Tom can be reached at

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