Before I Say Goodbye

by Rachel Ann Nunes

  • 9781606414255
  • Whitneyawardwinner

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Winner of the 2011 Whitney Award for best General Fiction

After a twenty-year absence, Rikki Crockett has come home. When she left, she was young, hurt, and angry—betrayed by her parents and abandoned by her best friend, Dante Rushton. She vowed never to return, but when life takes a sudden and unexpected turn, home may be the only place to find a future for her two children.

Dante Rushton also endured a difficult childhood. Yet he found a safe haven in his LDS ward, whose members surrounded him with love and helped him grow to be a man of faith. Now a happily married father of four, he serves as bishop to the people who once shaped his future.

The old-timers in the ward are thrilled to welcome Rikki home, but Dante's wife, Becca, is torn between wanting to befriend Rikki and wishing to keep her and her rebellious teenage daughter as far away from the Rushton family as possible. Why has Rikki returned after so many years, and what does she want from Becca and Dante?

Before I Say Goodbye is the compelling story of two families helping each other face an uncertain future and of a woman who makes peace with her past to discover the last and greatest love of all.

About the Author

Rachel Ann Nunes

Rachel Ann Nunes (pronounced noon-sh) learned to read when she was four, beginning a lifelong fascination with the written word. She began writing in the seventh grade and is now the author of more than thirty published books, including the popular Ariana series and the award-winning picture book Daughter of a King.

Rachel and her husband, TJ, have seven children. She loves camping with her family, traveling, meeting new people, and, of course, writing. She writes Monday through Friday in her home office, taking frequent breaks to take care of kids or go swimming with them.

Rachel loves hearing from her readers. You can write to her at To enjoy her monthly newsletter or to sign up to hear about new releases, visit her website,

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An Amazing and Emotional Read!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book was simply an amazing and very moving read. It is so emotionally packed, you will be in tears the last few chapters of the book. I love Rachel's writing, especially how she brings her characters to life. I always get so involved in the story and the characters, I forget that they are not real. The story is told from four different character's viewpoints, Rikki, Dante (her old boyfriend), Dante's wife, Becca, and Rikki's daughter Kyle. They all have such unique voices. This aspect shows the strength in Rachel Nunes writing. She truly knows how to write memorable character's that draw out the emotions in the reader.

This is a powerful story of what true love is all about. I am not talking about romantic love, but that love you show to others when you serve and care for them. This is a book that has LDS characters, but you do not need to be a Mormon to read this book. If you are a Christian that believes in second chances, then you will enjoy reading Before I Say Good-Bye. Without giving anything away anything, and ruining the story for the rest of you, just know, this is a book about a woman who is ill, a rebellious teen girl with a dream, a busy Bishop who hasn't had the time to see all of his blessings, and his wife who has always given and never followed any of her dreams. All together they end up healing one another, while finding their true selves.

I enjoyed this five star book so much, I will be purchasing it. The messages found in this book will make you hug your loved ones more often, and not take for granted the many blessings surrounding you daily. Beautiful job Rachel Nunes, beautiful job.

I loved the book.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is my favorite type of book from Rachel Nunes. It is a tender story that had me re-evaluating my own life and the miracle of it. Rikki was endearing. It tugged at my heart to see the children's lives and I wanted to reach out and take care of them myself. Definitely a must-read.

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