Believe In What You're Doing, Believe In Who You Are

by Hilary Weeks

Believe in What You're Doing, Believe in Who You Are

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We all know our own strengths and weaknesses — at least to some

extent. Often we notice a real strength in another person and wish we

were more that way. Do you want to be more organized? Do you want

to be a person who loves and accepts everyone? Do you want to have a

home in which all who come there know they are welcome? In this

newest book in the Time Out Classics series, bestselling singer/songwriter Hilary Weeks shares the love God has for us as we are now,

as well as some practical ideas about how He can help us become who

we want to be.

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Small, But Good
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Hilary Weeks is awesome! I've always been a big fan. Her personality really shines through here, and although this book is small, the stories are quite insightful and touching. I enjoyed this and would recommend it to others.

So Uplifting!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book is full of short, personalized stories that are full of hope and insight. At the end of each chapter is thought that sums up what we learn from that chapter, such as: "Believe that the Savior will make up the difference--and you will be enough." I was so uplifted by skimming this small book, I will definately pick it up again when I need to be reminded to believe in myself!

Believe in a book worth reading!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Like most books in the Time Out For Women Series, Positively simple ideas are presented that allow the reader to read and then think. Hilary is especially good at this as she shares stories from her music, and a great story about her home in Alaska! The book is fairly short when it comes to the number of pages to pass the time. I always find it fascinating to read thoughts and ideas from songwriters/artists and the ideas that inspired their songs.

About the Author

Hilary Weeks

Hilary Weeks grew up in a home filled with music. Born in Colorado and raised in Alaska, she began playing the piano at age eight and wrote her first song at age fourteen. Her first recorded song, “He Hears Me,” was featured on the 1993 EFY album, and from there Hilary quickly became a favorite in the inspirational music industry. She has released eight solo albums, has been featured on numerous compilation albums, and has been the recipient of multiple awards from the Faith Centered Music Association. Her most recent album, Every Step, reached #6 on the Top Current Contemporary Christian Billboard list. She also published her first book in 2009, Believe in What You’re Doing, Believe in Who You Are. Hilary and her husband, Tim, reside in Lehi, Utah, with their four daughters.

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