The Believing Heart: Nourishing the Seed of Faith

by Bruce C. Hafen

Believing heart

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Product Description

The four essays in The Believing Heart offer fresh insights into the principle of faith.

Using true experiences and scriptural illustrations, Bruce C. Hafen shows the pattern of how faith grows and how true belief and enhanced spirituality come to the believing heart.

The author recognizes the problems in developing faith and the questions that obscure it: What is the purpose of agency? Why does a veil separate us from God? How can we bridge the gap between the real and the ideal? Addressing these questions and others, the author offers compelling arguments for the principle and practice of faith in the modern world.

About the Author

Bruce C. Hafen

Bruce C. Hafen was called to the First Quorum of the Seventy in 1996 and received emeritus status in 2010. A widely recognized family law scholar, he has served as president of BYU-Idaho and dean of the BYU law school. His trilogy on the Atonement included the bestseller The Broken Heart. Elder Hafen was recently president of the St. George Utah Temple.

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